I may have ataxia but ataxia doesn't have me

For those who not familiar with my journey,.I’m a fitness competitor that has a neurological disorder called Spino-cerebellar Ataxia type 7. This impairs my motor skills so I have problems with my balance, coordination, walking, speech and vision. Despite my challenges, through the grace of God I fight my ataxia by working out and living a healthy lifestyle. This is me turning a negative into a positive and never giving up. I may have ataxia but ataxia doesn’t have me.
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That is an awesome attitude! I was studying to be a personal trainer so I could instruct walk classes, now I will have to find a different way to do things. I am still not steady on my feet but Iwill find a way to stay in the fitness world, and help others. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Love it !

Physical therapy maby

My walking is not good but I have been training my legs twice a week to challenge my leg muscle s. I just believe you have to find what works for you. God bless you

You are an amazing inspiration! The positive mind drives the body.