My husband has SCA2 and has recently developed a problem with incontinence. He has an appointment with a urologist this week but is there anyone that can give any tips on how they have successfully handled this problem - especially if penile retraction is an issue - or any products to definitely avoid. Thanks.

Hi, my dad developed this and had to have a catheter fitted as he couldnt walk to the toilet anymore and was too weak to use a comode. One vital thing we did notice was that he got a lot of water infections and each time he had one it made his ataxia symptoms much worse. It was really difficult as he couldnt drink fluid without choking so had to have thickener in his drinks which meant he couldnt get enough fluids through to clear the infections and was constantly on antibiotics. The catheter he had fitted was one that went straight to his bladder and had a bag strapped to his leg. We had to laugh one day when the cat jumped on his knee and punctured the bag with her claws! Hope your husband gets sorted soon and best wishes to you both.xx

Lets hope it’s just a simple urine infection
Nd he’s on the mend soon