Urine retention and ataxia

I am trying to find out if urine retention is a symptom of ataxia. If anyone has experience of this or has words of wisdom, I would be keen to find out. My brother is struggling at the moment and is in and out of hospital.

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Hi The doctor has given me a little blue capsule called duloxetine which is supposed to help with the opposite problem.But it may also be stress incotinence. You never really seem tgo know if it is a syptom of ataxia or not but if i go down slopes i have problems keeping it in and have been known to regularly wet myself.Always have had problems specially when i laugh.


Thanks Marie. My brother seems to get this reaccurring problem which they treat as water works infection and have now realised that it isnt that at all. He is in hospital at the moment but they dont seem to get to the bottom of it. If it is ataxia related, maybe there isnt a lot that can be done. But does that mean a catheter forever or what! Hes only 54.

Hi Jo

I only 52 and I sometimes feel like an old lady. Sometimes I believe hypnotherapy can uncccover the root cause but I have only just started it myself in desperation.It's very hard sometimes to know which things are ataxia related and which aren''t. I know it is difficult to get to a toilet ina strange house often upstairs and that leads to embarrassment. My husband suffers with the same but his is connected with a phobia about public toilets.It is an embarrassing subject and leads to a lot of uncomfortable feelings.My sympathies are with you while the medical profession are trying to work it out.


pps a catheter may not be a bad thing- no having to go in strange places as you can empty in the privacy of your own home


I've just read the above and it makes it sound like we can cure ataxia by the way we think.I didn't mean it that way as I know sometimes its genetic or in my case the cause is unknown.Just to make it clearer. I meant that urine retention can sometimes be helped by hypno.