Insurance in Canada

Hi, I’ve read through many threads trying to figure out insurance and haven’t quite found what I’m looking for.

Have any Canadians either applied for or tried to increase insurance (life, critical illness, disability, or long term care) after getting a diagnosis? Do you have to tell your insurance company if you or an immediate family member get a diagnosis? When I bought my insurance a year ago, I didn’t know this ran in our family. Now I know that an immediate family member is positive for SCA2, but still asymptomatic.

Currently I have life and critical illness insurance. I don’t have long term care or disability (and I’m not eligible for disability because I am a student). I’ve been told that I should try to have all the insurance I will want before I get a diagnosis, but I’m not really sure what I even need for insurance.

I’d appreciate any advice on this. Thank you.

Hello, generally your insurance will be void if you choose not to disclose any underlying illness that you know about at the time of renewal/inception. Most insurance companies fulfill agreements arranged pre diagnosis (i.e. life/disability policies). If you do not know of any illnesses or your physician has not made a formal diagnosis, you should be entitled to insurance moneys agreed upon at the time of taking out the policy.
Most provincial healthcare coverages do not cover long term care insurances unless you enter a facility for care. In Ontario (at least) provincial disability assistance criteria is dependant on your household income.
Disabilities are typically handled by the feds (Canadian Government). There are several tax credits and benefits through the CRA that may help. CPP has the disability pension as well.
I hope this helps a bit.

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Thanks hutchy-10,

Yeah, I’m specifically trying to figure out private insurance. I’m trying to avoid getting into a situation where I pay into it for years, and then get denied. My current insurance renews in 9 years, but I’m hoping to get a diagnosis in a couple of months. Apparently there is a new law that is supposed to stop insurance companies from discriminating against hereditary diseases (maybe?), but it hasn’t been challenged in court.

Yes, best of luck to you.
I was told by the genealogist that insurance companies can be a little difficult when it comes to hereditary conditions. My children would be better not knowing for this reason.
I’m not sure if “playing dumb” is the way to go or not. I would hate to pay into insurance and find out later in life they won’t pay - out. My current life policy is still fine so I’m told by my agent, he said as long as the inception date was before the diagnosis, I couldn’t be denied.
I’m not sure about renewals, but I would assume they would pay up to the date of formal diagnosis? How could they not? You didn’t know of your condition and they didn’t know. I suppose that’s the legal challenge.

I live in the US but I would think no matter where you are that as long as you have insurance before the diagnosis they can’t deny you coverage. Other family does not mean you.