National Ataxia Foundation Conference

Hi al! Here is a link to see what information we received from the conference last week. Power point!

Thanks for the information Jeannie. Its always good to hear news

The conference while both useful and of value to those of us living and trying to cope with Ataxia. It is very expensive.

Sometimes conferences such as this have a certain number of free registrations for patients; it may be worth a call. I hope whoever attends can take notes and report back to us on what they learn.

This event was very well attended and very enjoyable.

It was Fantastic to see so many friends and the networking was really good.
Alan Thomas "raredisease warrior"
Ataxia South Wales

Thank you, Alan!

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The NAF of Hampton Roads is having an annual meeting in Williams burgh, VA on Feb 12th. But they are charging $175.00 dollars per person for effected individuals. I was surprised.