Intolerance to heat

Hey fellow ataxians! Hope all are doing well today. I’m newly diagnosed with aquired CA and have noticed that I cannot be out in the heat (I live in Florida) for long or I start feeling very ill. It’s so bad that my husband and I are contemplating a move a bit north up in mountains.
Anyone have any feedback?

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Actually, moving to a cooler location is not a bad idea. I’ve been in Florida many times. I bet you don’t feel so bad from December through April. From about May forward is when you feel worse. Heat and humidity aren’t the best combination for us. If you can, think about the West coast.

Tolerating the heat and humidity takes a lot of energy from us. It’s no wonder that you feel worse.

I am totally unable to tolerate heat and cold. I don’t go outside usually in August or December-March or April. Except for very brief spring and fall I absolutely have to have air conditioner or heater. be careful where you move to bc you might have the opposite problem with cold, like me.

Oh we aren’t considering moving anywhere too cold…gonna look up in the Blue Ridge Mtn area in North Carolina :blush:

I have been thinking about moving there also. Do you have a town in mind? We have been thinking about Black Mountain.

We’re looking in the Boone area…where is Black Mountain? Where do you live now?

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:slightly_smiling_face: Even here in the UK (where we’re not renowned for good weather) we’ve had problems this year with very high temperatures, and humidity :sweat: I find this sort of thing exhausting, and other Ataxians here agree. At the moment, it is humid but temperatures have dropped dramatically, and now we’re having too much rain :smirk: It won’t be too long before Autumn sets in, and then the temperature really will drop :expressionless: When it does get very cold, that seems to effect me just as badly as extreme heat and humidity. And, having icy cold hands and feet, in the summer, is no joke :roll_eyes: xB

where is black mountain?

Black Mountain is about 15 or so miles east of Asheville. I think I is south of Boone (sort of, anyway). We are now in Columbus,Ohio where we got transferred for work about 28 years ago. Neither of our children live near here as they are in Portland, Maine and Chicago, Illinois. We like Mountain View’s and I like warmer weather.

SCA 1 here. Hot weather wipes me out. I get very tired and lose impulse control. Almost Turrets Syndrome. Definitely have to stay in cooler climates.

Heat intolerance was my very first symptom (in the shower). Still have it but much milder. And I spend 2 months in Hawaii each year and have no problem with the heat (go figure). I’m relaxed and having fun. May have something to do with it. My home is in Oregon which has great climate except rainy dark winters and now too hot summers (climate change–90+ degrees too often). Your symptoms can change over time.

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Dear Marina, I do not tolerate extreme heat/humidity or cold temps, as I feel ill also. I live in the lower peninsula of Michigan, where the Summers can be very hot/humid and the Winters fridgid. Thank goodness I have central air conditioning in my home. My poor husband practically freezes, as I have the temp set so low…,bless him, as he’s a good sport for me…,ha! Just as I need it cool in Summer, I also need it warm in the Winter, although NOT too warm, especially inside my home!!! Maybe a move for you and your husband a bit North up into the mountains will be a happy medium for you! My best to you… ;o)

Thanks :blush:…where we’re thinking of moving is colder than here but not unbearable! I could never get thru a Michigan winter :flushed: as I’ve always lived in warm places; Hawaii, Florida and Arizona. But a Boone NC winter I can do. I’ve found it’s easier to get and stay warm whereas the heat/humidity here in Jacksonville is killing me!! Yeah, I gotta get out of here, hopefully it’s my last winter :blush:

My sister in law lives in Boone and half sister in Hendersonville, nice areas!

Hi Marina,

I am in England. When it gets hot here, it is oppressing MUGGY, no dry European heat, even 30 degrees, no idea don’t do Fahrenheits…80s perhaps…I suffer from allergies as well and CANNOT get overheated…Your idea to move near mountains is bril, hope it all works out for you.

Beryl is SPOT ON. looks like I need to dig out my gloves.:slight_smile: and we are what in August…Can you do us all a favour and dig out that current president of yours OUT OF WHITE HOUSE, before more damage IS DONE…this weather madness is a direct result of climate changes OF THE WHOLE PLANET…


Please keep any politics from being on this site. We only need to share information about our illness.

Thank you Chas521. We had to move from Oklahoma and landed in Oakridge OR because the heat and humidity was horrible. I do much better and we are at 1000 ft elevation. Not as much fog as Eugene either. A much needed improvement!

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If heat and humidity are an issue as with my husband, consider buying a dehumidifier. We live near Charleston SC, and I’m constantly amazed how much water is pulled from our home even with our air conditioner running just fine. I roll this separate unit from one room to another and always make sure it spends some time in our bedroom and living space. It makes the whole house “feel” more tolerable for my husband’s EA2 (episodic ataxia 2) issues.

Fluctuating temperatures seem to have some degree of affect on folks with ataxia. There must be a connection.
I’ve often considered that it may have something to do with fatigue.
I recall before the onset of my symptoms that heat more specifically humidity used to really knock me down. I realize now I may have just been experiencing early symptoms of my condition.
Living in humid areas (Southern Ontario, Canada) certainly is avoided by anyone I know with breathing problems and general health issues.
Sometimes I wish relocating for me was an option. Cooler, dryer air is definitely more favourable!