Weather vs. Ataxia

I live in Massachusetts, USA and we are sitting under 7 feet of snow. It has snowed here on and on for 3 weeks. During this time, I have noticed that I am dizzier than normal, my head feels like it is floating all the time. I can usually drive with no problem as I am sitting down. These past few weeks I have stayed home as my “floating head” has made me into a couch potato! QUESTION: does the weather effect your Ataxia?

I hadn't drawn the connection, but now that you mention it YES. I live in CT and have been in an almost constant state of brain fog of late; and I am more motion sick/dizzy as well. Much more time on the couch as well. Can't wait for Spring, haha.


Without a doubt, the cold makes everything worse and I know just what you mean when you speak of the floating cloud head!

I am very conscious of people watching me as I walk,ore unsteadily than usual and am just longing for the spring. It will pass.

Dear Suzi, Yes, weather effects me BIG-TIME! I know exactly what you mean, as I live in Michigan and we have lots of snow and bitterly cold temps right now. I drive also, but not as much in the Winter, as I have more dizziness in Winter! It is surely an ataxia thing! :o)

I think it does - I'm in Ottawa and I notice it more, being out of breath and light headed. I was in Florida a few weeks ago and didn't feel like this when I was there!

I now live in the upper pennisula, Michigan and now that you mention it , I have been having the same thing as well.

Me too. The cold also makes my muscle tightness worse

I moved from NY to South Carolina for the winter months (Jan. Feb. Mar.) and my ataxia seems worse. More dizziness, more wobbling, can't turn my head when I walk, legs feel tired, and have difficulty going up and down curbs. Hope it is not a progression.

Wow, that's a crazy amount of snow to be dealing with. Here in Arkansas I so dread the hot humid summers as I get so sick from that, but now I will remember that snow and cold aren't the answer either. I do know the bright white glare off the snow really throws my balance off big time. We may need to start an ataxia community in some state or country where the weather stays moderate year round! I wish you a speedy Spring.!

Interesting article which confirms the effect of weather/barometric pressure on the body…

Stay warm, y’all northerners! :slight_smile: your winter is brutal this year! We are wimpy in the South, we moan when it is 20F ! For you, it must sound balmy!

Yes i hate winter and cold,,, hurts more, when i go out i need a heating blanket as soon as i come in and just find the problem get worse,,,unable to get out, as you say house bound. If i we were in Mexico I do a lot better can do more and i don't ware out a sfast, i still use a walker though better than a power chair up here. Ontario Canada.. I hate being here. each day the same ditto ditto ditto... , thanks for the question

Hey, Dancermom! Yes, I live in Las Vegas. Our winters are very mild, like today the high was 74! Still, there was a week or so that it got chilly here. Highs were in the thirties and lows were well below freezing. I grew up and lived in Illinois until I was thirty-eight. So I know what cold weather and snow are like.My Ataxia symptoms were not bad then. I have lived in Vegas for about thirteen years and in that time the Ataxia has gotten way worse. I notice that if it is cold, what I consider cold now, my muscles freeze up and I can hardly walk.It is like intense shivering to the point I almost convulse and cannot walk. I never really noticed other symptoms before but I will look for the connection now. My wife and I considered moving to Maine at one point because we love the area, the people, the sea and my wife has family there. It is completely out of the question now and I am counting my blessings that I live in the desert.

i hate the cold...tremble more, can't walk. how do ataxians survive up north? every year surviving the winter gets worse.

Good question, mas! I live in Michigan and we get tons of snow in the Winter. Fortunately, I'm retired. Therefore, I really don't have to go anywhere, especially if the weather is bad out. I tend to hibernate more in the Winter and depend on my husband to take me places I must go, although I do take myself places alone also, weather permitting! I use my quad cane in my right hand and have a death grip on his hand with my left. He's 6' 4" and is quite physically fit. He takes good care of me when we're walking together! ;o)

I live in Washington State and the winters are cold. Sometimes we get snow, but mostly cold, high winds, and rain. The cold does make me “wobblier” with my balance. Now when we have our short summers (two or three months) and it’s hot outside, I cannot stay outside very long. During parties outside, I usually stay in the shade. But outside weeding or planting flowers or taking care of the garden, my husband usually does what I cannot do, which is not fair to him. So, weather does mess with your ataxia.(and mine)

I normall go to Chapala Mexico for our Ontario winters,,, i was booked to go again this year,, the day before my flight the

Retina detached in my eye , so had to cancel,,,, I do so much better down there,,, this up here is boring,, very difficult to get out , ,

if i had my way i would move there though i have a Hubby, , love to visit though not to live < DAM

These accounts make our UK weather and it's affects on our ataxia, sound sound trivial... I cant imagine those extremes of heat and cold... and being unable to go out.

You have my sympathies.