Ataxia awarness video via Ataxia Ireland

:blush:Thanks Alan. This is an encouraging video :blush:xB

I’ve been feeling discouraged lately. Thank you for sharing this video. It’s a big help.

:smirk:My mood hasn’t been helped by our erratic weather​:roll_eyes:
Just last week I finally got the courage to go the hairdressers, I dread 'the basin’:expressionless: But, it was worth it​:slightly_smiling_face: However, by the time I got home, humidity had taken it’s toll​:smirk: I should have taken a selfie in the salon​:wink: This week, we have plummeting temperatures, overcast sky and endless rain​:roll_eyes:
So, last week I complained of the heat, this week it’s the rain. In the UK we like to talk about the weather😉xB

temperature does effect ATAXIA in so many different waysit always amazes me how we talk (or even moan) at the HOT temperature when it comes to the UK, but when on holiday in a hot country we never mention the temperature (as its normal living)

:smirk:True​:joy: Humidity is my enemy​:sweat: I love sunshine, it lifts my spirits no matter what​:sunglasses:xB

I love sunshine, too, Beryl. We have a gorgeous day here in PA today. My condition’s getting worse & hubby’s not very good with wheelchair transfers. I can at least look out the windows. :muscle::smiley:

Hi Geri🙂 For ages I felt I was cruising along, and able to cope. Every now and then my symptoms take a dip, I usually recover somewhat but afterwards always notice a progression. Just last week I had my worst experience to date🙄 Fatigue has been overwhelming, sleep, sleep and more sleep…

Something triggers these episodes, I have read that alcohol, coffee, fatigue and bizarrely carbohydrates can do it😳 It was definitely not the first option😉

Recently, my Neurologist commented that Atrophy wasn’t very severe (2011), so obviously something else is clouding the issue.

At the moment, I can still manage most things at home without help (at a snails pace) but generally ability is definitely slowing down. Husbands can be a double edged sword😉 They know us so well😉 Mine forgets I have problems with my memory😂
This can lead to some witty repartee😂 Plus, I’m constantly tripping him up with my walking stick, or ramming him with the rollator😂

I’m glad to hear you’ve been enjoying some sunshine😊 In London temperatures have soared for Wimbledon. But in the North of the UK we’ve had nothing but rain. Good for the garden but it encourages the grass to grow quicker😉xB