Is it just me

Is it just me or are there other sufferers that feel that they are discriminated against in one way or another?

I haven't been - at least not overtly! What gets to me is people I know doing things for me that I used to be able to do - I know its well-meant, just frustrating!

Yes, I can't get a job. People look at me as if I am retarded. It's crazy for me all times I am in public.

I have been, but mostly nothing too terrible. A lot of times it’s people that don’t understand my disease so they jump to other conclusions. Most people are very nice once they understand, with the exception of one guy who looked down on me as soon as he realized my walking sticks weren’t for hiking.

I find most people are too kind and caring ... makes me feel inadequate.

I feel the same as Patsy and BWGreen! ;o)

I wouldn't say "discriminated". It just seems that Drs. do not want(wiil not) consider any information that you provide. They only do the treatment as they have learned without considering other views. I would just like to know if they have considered, or are knowledgeable about other views.

I feel the same way too. Job interviews are the toughest. But, when pple are too kind and caring, I just accept it because I am the same way too if I see someone who looks like they’re struggling. Besides, there are not many good, kind, caring pple in this world anyway so for even that much, I’m grateful. It’s all about perspective.

It would be nice if larger companies could try to reserve certain jobs for the handicapped. A lot of jobs out there do not require legs.

I sometimes feel as if I am irrelevant now. It is important to me to have something worthwhile to do.

In what ways do you feel that you have experienced discrimination Laura?

Just with regards to interviews and work mainly. I find it disheartening when potential employers say i gave a fantastic interview and they were really impressed with my responses etc, and they usually come up with some way of basicslly trying to say they dont want you because of your disability.

Generally speaking its only a minority of people that you get the funny looks or the sarcastic comments off.

"Discriminated" depends on what you call discriminated, and for what. If you mean behaving as if drunk, then you have to consider that people around you do not discriminate for what is true but for they think is true; if you mean anything else, usually it is for what people perceive and, you need to further detail what discrimination you men since there are so many millions of reasons. And no, it is not just you.

I truly sympathise Laura. I’m sure that you’re correct in sensing that you’d have stood a better chance at the interview if you didn’t suffer this condition. However your predicament highlights the need for the general public to know more about SCA although how one sets about this I don’t know. I’m now seventy years old and understandably I’m not waiting to be interviewed for the next job. Perhaps thats the problem. Possibly the age demographic of ‘Ataxians’ is one where the old represent the majority and thus don’t experience what the young, the active and the ambitious experience in terms of employer reluctance to hire them. Tell your friends all about us Laura, tell their parents and their friends. Spread the word … and the best of luck in your next interview.

That’s not all true. If you provide them with concrete data and journal everything the doctor or Neurologist will look at your opinion much closer because your information has some validity to it.