It's ok to be angry and upset

It's ok to be angry and upset about ataxia but don't let it take over. I have been mad, angry, frustrated, scared and you name it. I am taking an antidepressant and it sure has helped. I take a tiny dose just to help a little. Relieving some of the anxiety is helping me to be able to try to focus on what I need to do to get my life on track. I actually am trying not to think about ataxia too much and focus on looking for resources and help financially. Once I get that figured out that will help a lot. The stress from financial situation is not helping any.

Yes, quite agree.. I try to think about things I can do rather than cant. Unfortunately, ones like writing Christmas cards are tedious and tiring!!

I much prefer to be on FB chatting with like minded people.. not necessarily disabled.

My biggest problem and anxiety is getting myself out!!! Of course it doesnt help not having any cash to spare as I cant go far without incurring some cost. The price of postage for christmas cards is outrageous me thinks.


Oh Patsy, I'm the same about going out. I get too comfortable in my own surroundings.

But, today I'm off to the shops with a friend, gritting my teeth! I'm determined to enjoy

it! xB

I also think it is ok to get angry about having ataxia. I sure do and have allot. I also think it's what we do with that anger that either makes it a good outlet or bad outlet.

Like I choose to use that extra energy of getting angry to help my ataxia, like more focused movements to get rid of it and do something constructive with it. It's not always as easy as it sounds but it sure helps.

Good for you that your being proactive and trying to focus more on what you can do! :0)