Anger issues

Sometimes I burst out angry, I dont even know why. Could this be a side effect from my meds…? I take azathioprine 4 a day and ivig 40 mg every 2 weeks . By choice, I didn’t take my azothiaprine for 2 days and no outburst…

The frustration of not being able to do things, will surely cause anger. I have calmed down a lot since I accepted my diagnosis.

Thanks guys, I thought I had accepted it already , but thanks.
Anyone else?

I don't take any meds for my ataxia. If I were you, I'd check with your doctor about possible side effects of you medication. I do agree with Patsy, the frustration of not being able to do things can make me feel angry/sad, even though I've accepted my ataxia, for what it's worth...,ha! ;o)


I read that is a medication to prevent rejection of a kidney transplant? What do you take it for?


I used to have frustration also until I accepted my diagnosis. Now that I found a wide walker to go along with my wide gait and a mobility scooter, I can now do most things. I can't do jumping jacks but that's ok. Just a word of thought, Exercise can help improve emotions. good luck

At James, I do exercise every day !

@kathy, I take it to bring down my antibodies count

I don't take any medications for my Ataxia, but I seem to have the same problem. I get angry at the dumbest things. When I think about it later, I feel real bad. It feels like something is going on in my head telling me to get angry. I'm sure it must have something to do with the Ataxia.

If the medication is causing anger issues, maybe it needs to be addressed. I’ve not heard that bringing down antibodies helps with ataxia.


I used have that problem. Taking Zoloft has totally fixed the problem for me.

"@ Kathy . That’s why I take the ivig and azathiprone,@ Jodie I will talk toy dr , thanks you two

Toy=to my , darn spell ck

I do not take medicine at all, and I HAVE good days and bad days, I LIVE IN HOUSTON TEXAS U.S.A. and the doctors do not prescribe any kind of medicine, HAPPY NEW YEAR

I'm from Tampa with SCA6 and not on in medicine and the only time I get angry, I mean really angry is when I fall, especially when my dog trips me. I mean it gets ugly. Satan surfaces. I went through 3 neurologist so far. I yet haven't found that Neurologist that I can connect with. One Neurologist said that I don't have to go back because there is nothing that he/she can do for me and another Neurologist from am research facility banned me because I refuse to participate to be a part of their research. Since ataxia is slowly progressive, a Neurologist should see us from time to time to see how we are progressing. I think most of us automatically get angry when we fall. We don't mean to. It's just that most of us led normal walking lives and it angers us when we tip and go down. Good luck everyone, and Happy New Year.

Boy, I hear you, James! I get angry when I fall too. A friend told me not to fall...,well DUH!!! Happy New Year..., ;o)

I had a lot of angry outbursts before my diagnosis. I think partially due to being completely unable to take care of the responsibilities I was still trying to take care of, partly due to some life issues- but a lot of the time they seemed really impulsive and sudden, and more like a physical think than a mental thing, if that makes any sense.

Oddly, around the time when my condition took a pretty dramatic turn for the worse, I also stopped having the sudden anger flashes. I don’t know if it was due to not being able to work anymore— so not being as fatigued, I’m sure that was part of it – but it really felt like something in my body chemistry changed. Or maybe some of the med changes. I’m not saying I don’t still get angry, and I am often weepy, but the physical flashes of anger have stopped.

I also have been on anti-virals ( which are often used to prevent transplant rejection ) as well to treat the ataxia.

I also get very agitated and its ready to cause a big problem ,I cant take getting yelled at or I go off. I make a lot of screw ups and admit it and apologize but its never good enough. I am almost 80 and just cant take any more. I will try to stay in my room more and not have any interaction if that's what it takes. The worst part is I am the caregiver for me and her it appears.

I have ataxia, I don't take medication for it at all. I don't get angry however as a child I used to get angry out of frustration at myself for not being able to do things like I could before the ataxia happened or like other kids my age. I think it was because I didn't want to admit at the time I was disabled I wanted to be *normal again* and disliked my peers wrapping me in cotton wool you can't play this game because you'll break a bone and being excluded from school trips due to the cost of the insurance to cover me it used to make me so Upset and mad at myself as a child my mum said at it's worst I used to headbang the wall out of not being able to walk or do something like handle cutlery. My parents worked tirelessly with me as I got to the age of maybe 8-9 I accepted my ataxia and at 30 my husband, step-kids and everyone whose come to know me has said I am the most calm. patient and understanding person they have ever known and that they never see me Angry like most people. I said it's because my parents worked with me to control my temper and how to manage my frustration in a positive way I used my frustration positively and focus it on doing things I enjoy.

The only thing I get frustrated at now is if I break a glass and that just stems from childhood always being yelled at for breaking one if tried to use one I don't go ape I just swear a bit and apologize to husband saying I broke a glass he's like ah don't sweat it just happens i've only broken 2 in the last year both due to the cupboard they are stored in i sometimes loose grip putting them up in it and occasionally when I spill a drink those are my biggest argh moments I hate those because it makes me feel so stupid I've told everyone here do not comment on my cutting food method, how I eat or about any noises I make during swallowing because I had to relearn everything as I child this is part of my ataxia and it insults me if you tease me or comment on it. Husband and daughter are fine about it my son however is different I have to eat in another room so he can't comment or upset me.

I second what others say talk to Dr's concerning whether it's medication based or something more. If you feel it is a big problem look into anger management classes or maybe CBT they may be able to help you learn some different methods Ataxia in itself is difficult and when it hits hard we see our problems 10 times more than an outsider looking it does and sometimes it makes us more prone to being upset or angry but it will ease as you change the way you look at it. Many Hugssssss to you displaymom hope you get some answers about the anger issues