Joint pain II and thanks

Dear All Who Bothered To Answer My Previous Joint Pain Discussion,

For whatever reason I just saw your answers now. Maybe my "alerts" went to spam. Maybe there are no alerts. Anyway, I have yet to discuss this joint pain phenom (like instant athritis) with my neuro but a NYC PT said it was from weak or tight muscles especially in the thigh area. And he gave me a bunch of logical exercises. (I hope he's right and I don't have something super-weird like Stiff-man's Syndrome or God knows what......Tip: do some actvity in bed or at a table before you get up, This will loosen you up somewhat, He says walk in moderation; not too much to cause exhaustion and sweat; about ten blocks a day for those who can.

In NYC, I also saw a speech pathologist (we worked on raising the volume of my voice and striving for crisper enunciation). Another PT, who is trained in this balance vest thing, saw me too. The vest did not help me much. We went walking with it (the vest) in the street and up stairs. However, a weighty bag slung over my left shoulder (and back) gives me some stability.General rule: Thanks for all your comments about the joint pain issue; They were useful