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From Annie: I FINALLY have been given some physical therapy, and FINALLY I have been told what leg muscles are not 'pulling their own weight' so to speak. The problem is, it is two years too late! As in, I have been told I probably cannot expect to get them back in shape now, so the plan is to keep me from getting worse.
Great. . . two years ago I started the process to get the PT, and then I was waylaid by an idiot in rehabilitation, who (instead of getting me PT appointments) kept trying to push Botox injections in my 'bad leg'.
Don't do what I did and semi GIVE UP. . . I feel so stupid now. If only. . . anyway, fight for your right to be heard and treated!
Posted on 03/26/14, 06:50 pm

Dear Annie, Don't be so hard on yourself! At least you're doing something about it NOW! We all make mistakes, as we're human! Thanks for the warning...,Hugs! ;o)