Ketogenic Diet, and Ataxia

Glut 1 Deficiency is a type of ataxia. For it, and other specific types of ataxia, symptoms can be alleviated by keeping to a strict Ketogenic Diet. This type of diet is far from easy to stick to, and is most beneficial to those who have been specifically advised to do so.

Hi Beryl,

Monika here. I am on ketogenic diet since Ian started doing it, as he couldn’t lose a gram of his weight, the cardiologist tried out all sort to lower his bp…After 1st 10 days he lost 7lb, 3,5 kgs. After a month on it, he is a meat eater so it suits his metabolism…Only I still eat cereals with milk in the morning, he does mainly scrambled eggs with courgette (zucchini) or spring onion…I haven’t got a clue if I am deficient in Glut 1…(your article), but stopping the bread was an immediate result, no bloating…Do eat thins instead and it works.For lunch a salad (pulses in winter) although no beans are allowed. For supper a soup, like borshcs, it is thicker, with yogurt and pastrami (sliced beef). Cannot weigh on the scale without holding, but feel marvelous…Sometimes I wake up starving, but got used to by now. ERating less,sharper taste buds…

Unless you have full blown diabetes, plummeting blood sugar, or instable blood sugar, START IT CAUTIOUSLY, if you are healthy otherwise FULL STEAM AHEAD!iT WORKS!

:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks Monika. It’s good to know how people actually feel after coping with challenging diets. In the past I’ve tried to keep to an anti Candida diet ( I was diagnosed) and found it extremely challenging. But in the main, I have been successful in severely cutting down on yeast and sugar, and I can tell when I’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’ :wink: xB

To be honest I have no previous experience with any diets. I suppose I am lucky, but I noticed past 40, my metabolism went much more sluggish, I used to eat as I walked everywhere, t5o work, train station…uni, but I have also realized that I suffered from some weird metabolic rate and a nervous stomach. Had to eat banana or other stuff during the breaks at school, uni…If I didn’t my stomach was rumbling loudly, as I was on the go, I burn excessively and could eat like a horse and didn’t put on anything…

2 things before I forget. Reason why we started was mainly for Ian’s weight loss. On it a month and a week and he lost altogether a stone, the water retention is veery much reduced, even his watch started moving up and down, prior he hardly just about put it on, as a clasp.

The cardiologist worked up to 12,5 mg of a night pill, since February this year. I was appalled what’s gonna happen when it ALL STOPS WORKING…

Today he is down to 2,5mg on the same pill, the gp said to him, although long term on one medic., after losing even more, she said she will be able to reduce his 5 pills down to 3…Happy days!

My neurologist first what he asked, are you ok eating gluten, bread, any cakes…as I used to have a collegue with coeliac disease…Horrendous, all pasta, bread…on prescription… Now I completely threw it out…But my ma has all the symptoms of IBS, anything with yeast in it, she says she just looks at it and put the weight on. But that’s where it started…My grandpa used to suffer from either difficulties or a complete constipation…

I wish I could control my weight, since menopause it’s got a mind of its own :face_with_raised_eyebrow: My daughter (no ataxia) ) copes with IBS, she’s gluten sensitive, and it’s a continuous battle to control Excema :smirk: I looked online at the Ketogenic Diet, it looks exceptionally challenging, but has obvious benefits. Food, can’t live with it and can’t do without it either :wink:

I found out that peanuts and soy greatly increases my dizziness. I feel much better without them, though I still question if life without chocolate (which has soy) is worth it!

Chocolate :yum: I don’t eat much, but when I do I It has to be a specific type ( personal preference) :yum: Hotel Chocolate 50% Milk :yum: Here in the UK, Cadbury’s is likely to be high on most people’s list, and in the US, possibly Hershey’s. Or, am I mistaken :thinking: xB

I think hershey’s Is popular, but I love all chocolate, so it really doesn’t matter to me. I guess that should’ve said loved-past tense.

Hi Beryl,

my ma is 65 and the menopause caused her excessive WEIGHT GAIN, she was always short and plumpish, but putting on 3,5stones, on her joints is a disaster…even her hb pressure specialist is absolutely startled, how to help, what to do…she has intolerances, milk and wheat, no ataxia. (that came from my late father)…

For years I was able to maintain my weight at what I thought was a healthy level. Now, when I look back at photos I definitely look anorexic :woman_facepalming:
After both children I got back to my pre pregnancy weight ( the anorexic look) and only started to struggle at the onset of menopause. And then of course ataxia symptoms kicked in🤨 But, I have to stress in case anybody else reads this, severe dieting did not cause my ataxia.
Now, I’m at my just before giving birth weight :expressionless: It’s obviously putting pressure on my joints, I sit far too much and would seriously benefit myself by keeping to a proper diet plan, and regular exercise :scream_cat:

So, getting back to your Mother :slightly_smiling_face: I imagine she’s probably had lots of good advice already and manages to control the food intolerances successfully, it’s just the weight that won’t budge :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I wish I could wave a magic wand for both of us :wink: Apart from controlling portion sizes, and exercising (within caperbility) it’s hard to know what to suggest :thinking:
I still have some clothes from the good old days, apart from the fact that they’re vintage, I’ll never be able to wear them again but just can’t bear to throw them out :joy: xB

Thanks Beryl for the link, there was a fault on it, but googled it and found it. Will have a look.