Getting projects together for winter
Cn ant one advice me on getting pattern for knitting handbags there was one on Facebook
But in dollars and you couldn’t buy unless you live in America
Please help me find a pattern
I am only a beginner
Thanks in advance

I have downloaded free crochet patterns from FB but some downloaded easier than others.

Have you tried googling free UK bag knitting pattern?


Thanks everyone x

go to youtube and type in how to begin knitting and a lot of good links will pop up and patterns on how to make different items have fun !!!!

Hey Loz and all,

I'm no knitter but I am (makes own fanfare) fairly good with computers! My mum is a knitter and has often badgered me to download free knitting patterns.

There are many sites online offering free patterns - just be careful of any links that take you to the free pages of a business and even more so of links away from such sites.

I just searched for 'free knitted handbag patterns' and got lots of results. I hope you find some appropriate sites and patterns.

Good luck and have fun. :)

Thanks Michael
Brill help