Great poet in our midst

A fellow ataxian wrote this. I am moved and in awe. Wish to share these beautiful words:)

For Elle

Knit me some courage.

You choose the wool.

I'll sit and watch.

Let's listen as the needles chatter

And know in the quiet

That that is our talk.

Knit me some courage.

I'll wind the wool.

Let me loose to find delights:

the circular needles

The safety pins

for gathering up the stitches.

Knit me some courage.

I'll tend the sheep.

Beasts that nudge me and know me

And come to be fed.

Knit me some courage.

I'll sheer the sheep.

Ill do it the old way

With tears as shears.

Knit me some courage

With pockets that are deep

With cuffs that warm

With a collar that comforts

And easy to put on.

With big horn buttons

and a pleasure to knit.

Knit me some courage.

More than a scarf.

Knit me some courage.

Make it fit.

The pattern of knowledge

Will show how it sits.

And the finishing touch?

Put in the label:

Made with trust.

What you knit

I will wear.

What you do

I will share.

Its then that I know

this garment of friendship

Will be ready to wear.