Leg weakness

Hi everyone, I cannot get up from the floor. I fell a couple of days a go and my sons had to help me up but when I weight bear too much I always get cramp in my ham strings (both legs). How do I strengthen my legs so I can do this myself? Do not want anyone else to injure themselves helping me!

Are you always weak? I get weakness with an attack and have a general lack of muscle strength at the top of my legs but luckily with walking and light exercise when I'm well I can compensate for it.

Yes that is why I cannot sit on the floor, crouching to use the dustpan or brush etc…the pain is awful

Have a talk to a physiotherapist. Water therapy might help you. It's gentle, but works well.

I find it so amazing when neuro physio tests my muscle strength that all seems to be working okay but I cant get up from chair let alone floor!

Apparently it is all about core strength .. but you have to spend all your waking hours being careful not to fall over!!

Tedious but necessary.

I am told that an inflatable bath lift is ideal for helping get you up from the floor.

I have no answer for you but my wife falls and the fireman showed her a way to get help by using a bed sheet and she said it worked great. I was not there at the time so I cant explain it. When a person is heavy it can be impossible to lift them so it would help to ask around to learn ways to get helped.

Hi Gelu65, thanks for your advice. I don’t think I am too heavy but I don’t want family to pull something! I hate all this, I hate feeling this way.

Her it is OK to call the fire dept to help get someone up and you don't get charged, but if you need to go to the hospital it costs $900 or more.