Massage Chair

Hi everyone, does anyone have experience in using a message chair? Since I am sitting all day and not being able to due ANY exercises. I know everyone says that you have to keep active and to move but when I try to do leg exercise, I have tremendous muscle weakness. I can not walk! I figure at least having a massage chair I would be able to exercise my buttocks plus all the benefits the chair gives you. .

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Exercise is not running or jumping only. It’s contracting and releasing the muscles. There are wheelchair exercises that can be done while sitting. Google it. You don’t need to be up and moving. One comes to mind right now. Suck in your stomach as far as it will go. Hold it as long as you can and release. Do it as often as you can. That’s the important thing!


Thanks, will do! :grinning:


no but it sounds good to me. I have a vibroplate but I am able to stand on that and hold on tight. gentle vibration is good for your bones. I hope you manage the seated exercises