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All of us are staying indoors like the medical community suggested - right? However, staying indoors does not mean just hanging out and watching TV. It is very important to exercise and to keep your muscles and cardio system active. We’re all in various stages of neurological deficits. Some of us have the ability to get up on our feet and some of us are confined to a wheelchair. However, neither situation does NOT mean that you cannot exercise. Very important to make your heart work.

I am able to get up on my feet but because of severe balance problems, I find myself linked to a walker. Nevertheless, I exercise every night. I hold on to a chair back and do 50 squats [not knee bends]. Back in 2014, I had shoulder surgery and PT had me doing strength exercises 3 times/week. However, they also said that I should continue strength exercises at home as well as homework. Therefore, I went out and bought those stretch rubber tubes to do just that. I still have them and use them every night to keep my strength up. Plus, when I go to bed each night, I do three sets of 15 leg lifts and 25 stomach crunches. Those works on the stomach by tightening them.

As for those confined to a wheelchair. You are NOT excused from exercising as well.
The internet has wonderful exercises for you as well. Just do a Google search. For example:

As Nike used to say: Just do it!

If you have any questions, just ask.



Thanks! You’re so right! You’ve inspired me to up my exercise routine.

Another member suggested volunteering by making phone calls, but I can’t talk! This is really good advice from you! I was starting to feel lost! This sucks!


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Here we have common sense. This advice will keep us as strong as we can be to face whatever is around the corner. Believe you can and you are half way there. The first movement is always the hardest. We can do this. Peter Ashbourne England.