Medical Forms and Trackers

Thanks to Renie, moderator of LWTN, for sharing the links of the basic forms and worksheets that can help you organize your medical information and also prepare for a doctor visit.

Here's the list:

Appointment Preparation Sheet

Medical History

Medication List

Allergy Tracker

Surgical History

Family Medical History

Pain Tracker

Sleep Diary

Physical Activity Tracker

Mood Tracker

Blood Glucose Tracker

Blood Pressure Tracker

Wallet-size Medical Information

Medical Record Release

HIPAA Fax Cover Sheet

Medical Expense Tracker

Hmmm.. looks very organised but I prefer to type my notes.


I’m currently trying to journal when I get fatigued, what I did that may or may not have contributed to fatigue, etc. (to see when/what type of job I can do).

I track if I need to nap, just lie down, etc. Is there a way to do this on the one sleep journal link? It looks helpful, but I’m unsure if this form would work for my needs.