Hi all, I started keeping a Journal this week.I have the following categories so far & wanted to see if

there were others that might be good to add. So far I have: Date,Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner,Drinks,

Snacks,Weather,My current Disposition,Exercise,Outings & appointments, & finally how I slpt.

I am open to suggestions on other categories to add.

I am not overly tech savvy & am using an Apple computer to keep this journal under Notes so I

have to clear it every to write a new page. For that, I am open to guidance also. Thanks.

Hi Bob

I think that to get the best from the journal you need to be clear why you are keeping it and what you want to gain from it - that will probably guide you as to other headings that would be useful? Maybe add in medicines or supplements so that you can track changes to your medicines?

good luck with it,


Oh wow.. what a great idea. I cant get my head round how to do it with all those headings.

I have Microsoft Word so probably have a template on it. Might get round to trying that.

will be interested to know how you progress. Good luck. I hope someone with Apple Notes will come on here and give you some pointers.


This is a great idea, Bob.

My only suggestion is use a spread sheet instead of "notes". I'm a mac person too and use notes a lot. I just think that a spreadsheet will be easier to track what happening and to share with your doctor.

I use "excel" with my macbook pro.

That's my two cents.

I agree with the spreadsheet idea; it will probably be easier for you to manage since you’ll probably be tabbing to new columns more than writing/typing text.

You might add how much you slept (quantity in addition to quality), your amount of caffeine/coffee/tea/etc., main issues, and meds and/or supplements as already mentioned.

I’ve heard of this for nutrition; what a great application/idea!

Do let us know if the type of certain foods affects you. Good luck fahareen

I use a blog as a journal and it has been my salvation in this journey.

Tammy Schuman

I enjoy blogging, but never appreciated the varied ways it could be used. As I mentioned earlier, I started journaling on my sister–in–law's recommendation and my musings morphed into a blog* (web log). Getting Skeeter changed my perspective and provided all sorts of laughable moments. It was a compatible context for serendipity, my smart mouth, and learning to deal with a disability.

While some people use blogs to vent, most people choose to inform others about their unique life experience. I post when something happens or comes to me. It's interesting the freedom you have when there is no salary involved. A schedule of three posts in one week or only one in one month is not uncommon.

I have a friend who posted regularly to mark the impending birth of her first grandchild. Initially, she used her blog to capture thoughts about the life–changing event. After the baby was born, my friend got busy with other activities. Go figure. She posted intermittently, but email and Facebook were a better fit for her lifestyle. She still comments on my blog via her blog. Fortunately, I get all of her communications and we stay connected on many different forums. We wouldn't even have to spend time "catching up" on a face to face visit, if our memories were better.

There are side benefits to blogging that I had never thought about, yet became evident with time. As with anything, a recipient of a communication can choose to read a post, email or tweet. That makes me more comfortable with my tendency to overshare. I knew I could have as many blogs as I wanted, but didn't appreciate the implications of drafts. Some drafts could go unpublished forever and stay as private as a diary. Others could be published and end up as public as CNN. I have my 'blab, blab, blab' blogs, my 'I have an idea' blogs, and 'maybe someday' blogs. I also have my 'delete in event of my death' blogs. I can make a meticulous effort to complete a sentence or just deposit a thought like a sticky note (and not forget where I wrote it down).

My biggest audience is in North America and, interestingly, the numbers are very similar to my email notification list. I have readers in Russia, China, and Europe, but no one in South America or Africa. It may sound exotic when Thailand turns up on the global map, but it's probably my friends and their family. Once, a Middle Eastern country showed up. Given the value placed on opinionated women, I knew that had to be an accidental stumble. It's not world hunger, but intriguing...

Bob, I wish I’d done this before now :slight_smile:
Apart from the obvious of keeping track, it forces you to concentrate,
which is good exercise for the brain :slight_smile: xB

My girlfriend just told me about her journal and I'm planning on starting one soon too. She has in there who she wants to include in her prayers for that day, things and people etc.

she's grateful for,

and short term goals she does toward her

long term goals. (something she wants to accomplish for herself)

I was impressed that she did that. That hooked me.

I have been keeping a journal of sorts for years now but see that I need to add some fields ((bicycle = stationary bike @ gym, (((see link below))))

Bob I’m an experienced mac person who designs databases ( or did). I’m confused about clearing the Note each time. I use notes a lot and just create a new one each time I have a new category. the old notes are all there for me to review. I agree that a spreadsheet might be better depending on your goals. And depending on whether or not you have excel. if not I have an idea for creating a little piece of software that might be useful for you and perhaps others to log what’s going on in a journal format. Let me know what you decide to do.

Thank you everyone, I use notes because that is all that I know so far. I clear out the daily info but not the categories to save myself from some of the typing. I am sure there is a better way, I just do not know what it is. I do not have the ability to type like I used to & am on Apple instead of Windows so I was spoiled with Word Perfect.

You might want to include gluten sensitivity and gluten ataxia in your journal. Here is a helpful link.

Bob would speaping into the computer be easier?

Speaking! That is.

Hi Bob - I use both: a Mac and a PC. Both are able to read and use a Google app, now called “drives”, located under the “more” link. You can setup a spreadsheet and keep it private or if you would like someone to have access to it - ie a writer-typist, caregiver, etc. - you can opt to share it with another. Your choice.