More bad weather in PA

Well here we go again. Rain § snow showers forecast for Lehigh Countytoday. I feel awful on days like this. It maybe too unsafe for me to stand up. Will keep up with exercises. Looking forward to my Wed apptat Good Shepherd to see what’s next for treatment and therapy.

Geri, the weather isn’t much better here😑 What I wouldn’t give for a warm sunny day😉

Still, the days are getting longer all the time, roll on Spring🙂

I hope your appt goes well​:+1::slightly_smiling_face:xB

It’s icy in NYC. It’s so hard this winter bc I can’t keep taking days off but theres no way I can go out in this ice tomorrow. Stay safe, indoors!

Thanks, everyone. I’m presently housebound. Good Shepherd has excellent therapists. I’m confident they can help. I’ll let you know what happens.

From the sounds of it, a lot of the northeast is housebound with you! I’m with Beryl: roll on spring!


I’m hoping for sunshine in Florida and San Antonio😉xB

Yes’ spring would be nice. It’s very cold & windy here in PA. Good day for tea.