I hope this is the start of the sun
Not complaining
But warmer please

Agreed. :)

I am tired of this weather, I too want warmer weather. NOW!!!

Me too!!

Happy for every day we see the sun here. A strange cold, cloudy winter here. Glad to see the spring blooms now. The wild berries must have liked the cold, there are dewberry and mayberry blooms everywhere. Soon we will be complaining of the heat and humidity in east Texas. That's people! Never Satisfied!

Granny h, you are so right we are never satisfied. smile

I couldn't agree more, Loz! We've had a crazy Winter here, across the pond (US), tons of snow and frigid cold. It's finally starting to warm up (was almost 50 degrees today) and we're expecting 60 tomorrow. We had lovely sunshine today too! Spring has sprung, finally!!! Yippee..., ;o)