Morning peeps where has that sun gone
Felt so good when it was out
Hope your all well.

Hi Loz!

Wasn't it great when the sun was out, how quick we forget! I hope I didn't blink and miss summer.

I managed to do a bit of everything today, and a lot of nothing, if you get my drift. I hope to be more

productive tomorrow!

best wishes


Hi Beryl
Don’t worry all will be waiting for tomorrow
All you can hope is the fairies will come over night
Love to you

Hi Loz!

The fairies have brought sunshine, but also brisk winds! It's more like March here!

The weather forecast actually mentioned SNOW in parts of Scotland, I thought of

Punk. Nearly June, and there's still mention of that four letter word! Like most

other people I've just got used to being out and about without it being slippery

underfoot! We'll have to put in a special request to the weather fairies.