Vision problems

My vision is still good but I still require reading glasses. I’ve also noticed over the years that my vision is sensitive to bright sunlight. I try hard not to drive at night because my depth perception is affected as well.

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I don’t currently have reading glasses but…I do have a low distance prescription …:thinking:2.00

But…I have Uveitis (Sensitivity to light, and it can cause double vision)

To cope with this…my glasses have a dark tint plus an antiglare film, over which I wear special large sunglasses…and in addition I wear a sunvisor when light is particularly troublesome. Sometimes…I wear the visor indoors when overhead fluorescent lighting triggers sensitivity.

It’s impossible for me to drive at night…I lose perception of depth and spatial awareness.

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When it comes right down to it this Ataxia just sucks! :weary:

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Just had my eyes checked today. All is well except for the Nystagmus and a small problem with distance. Pupil dilation was OK also. Hate the dilation part but it is what it is. I glad that something is OK :laughing:

I have an appointment in January to discuss the possibility of Cataract Surgery. Generally this surgery is straightforward…but in my case it could actually make vision worse. This isn’t ataxia related. Basically the decision is mine…:see_no_evil:
I’ve grown accustomed to ataxia imposing limitations day to day. Do I really want to take the chance and find my situation worse :thinking:

From what I know, cataracts are nothing to fool around with. If they go unattended to, your eyesight can really suffer. That’s the question you should be asking the eye doctor. If they go unattended to, 100% can go wrong. What’s the percentage of the surgery going wrong? Just my opinion!

My problem is…I’ve had Iritis (cause unknown) and the lens is stuck, in addition there are ‘tentacles’ anchoring it …these will be tricky to break without causing further damage.

Anterior uveitis (iritis) can cause the iris to stick to the lens of the eye. It is sometimes difficult to break these adhesions which prevent the pupil from looking round in shape. However, this usually does not interfere with your vision and can be broken at the time of cataract surgery (as and when you need it).

Ouch! Whatever your choice I wish you the best of luck. :smiley:

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I’m sorry that you’re dealing with a less than straightforward situation with your eyes. Yes, the cataract surgery itself is very straightforward and low risk, but the decision making progress sounds like it needs to be one discussed with your doctor.

I had cataract surgery done three years ago, and I couldn’t be happier. No more glasses 90% of the time, and a smooth recovery.


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