Vision changes

I’ve been noticing that my depth perception problem and sensitivity to bright sunlight are changing and not for the better while the sensitivity has been increasing. Others with Ataxia have spoken about vision changes but does this sound familiar? :eyeglasses:


So far…perception of depth is good as ever when I’m on my feet…if I were driving it would be a different matter, and one of the reasons I don’t drive now.

I’ve been very sensitive to bright light ( particularly overhead lighting) for some years now, and quite often need to wear a Visor when out shopping etc.

:thinking: I can see your post is 2days old Chas…it’s just appeared now for me…very odd

Maybe you don’t pay your bills LOL. Seriously, curbs are becoming sort of a problem. I have to stop at the curb and “visualize” the curb.


:thinking: I’m the same when it comes to kerbs ( note our spelling :wink:)
I wear glasses, and they hinder when it comes to perception of depth. …I only have a weak distance prescription in one eye… the other is clear.

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Whether its curb or kerb, the problem is still there. Both will ellicit a 4 letter word.


I believe optician referred to accommodation which in my case is irregular. Sometimes, it takes a while to focus. I perceive it as the same interrupted signals as the rest of my body. Imho .

Now that sounds familiar.

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I have onset glaucoma so yes. I always had good vision until this. I’ve been diagnosed 10 years ago with Cerebellum Ataxia. It’s slowly progressing but yes


I too relate to depth of field issues… I stopped driving as it got worse. The car is becoming self driving ;Tesla updates software often. Optical issues to be resolved in office but not in our lifetime. Self driving cars arrive much sooner.

Vision issues stopped me from driving. I had surgery to correct double vision…but by then I had lost confidence because of problems with perception of depth etc.
:thinking: I don’t know how much confidence I’d have in ‘self drive cars’….maybe it’s an age thing :wink:

Self driving cars are not there yet in my opinion. They’ll get there but not yet. I need to be in control where my life is concerned.

:slightly_smiling_face: Today I received a hospital appointment with an Eye Specialist…maybe some progress re Cataract Surgery.
Clarity is becoming worse at close quarters. Overall vision is good, I just need ‘light’ to be blocked, this could be rectified by replacing the Lens. The Lens in one eye is askew due to previous inflammation, allowing light in at an angle and blurring vision.

Best of luck. I hope that all works out for you!

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I used to have perfect vision! I’ve noticed it getting worse! I feel blind in low or no light! I no longer drive, but it’s not because of vision.

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I UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU MEAN! Thanks for sharing.

It is common to have eye problems of various kinds…it is very frustrating when you know overall vision is good.

One of my first symptoms was losing perception of depth in poor light. This is particularly stressful when driving at night, but it can also happen if daytime light is bright. I stopped driving when I became aware of these disturbances … I didn’t feel safe and I knew I could be a danger to others.