Vision changes

I’ve been noticing that my depth perception problem and sensitivity to bright sunlight are changing and not for the better while the sensitivity has been increasing. Others with Ataxia have spoken about vision changes but does this sound familiar? :eyeglasses:

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So far…perception of depth is good as ever when I’m on my feet…if I were driving it would be a different matter, and one of the reasons I don’t drive now.

I’ve been very sensitive to bright light ( particularly overhead lighting) for some years now, and quite often need to wear a Visor when out shopping etc.

:thinking: I can see your post is 2days old Chas…it’s just appeared now for me…very odd

Maybe you don’t pay your bills LOL. Seriously, curbs are becoming sort of a problem. I have to stop at the curb and “visualize” the curb.


:thinking: I’m the same when it comes to kerbs ( note our spelling​:wink:)
I wear glasses, and they hinder when it comes to perception of depth. …I only have a weak distance prescription in one eye… the other is clear.

Whether its curb or kerb, the problem is still there. Both will ellicit a 4 letter word.