My neighbors

I just realized it today. My neighbors must think the worst of me. I dont talk to them outside because i sound weird. Plus they see me stumbling and walking weird. I can’t imagine what goes through their heads when they see me…

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I think I know how you feel. But we have to believe that people can be understanding. We need to keep contact with people. I sometimes have to push myself to go out and interact with people. Generally I find others are accepting even helpful and I always feel better after going out.

Agree with you on this.I’m the weirdo who stumbles up the driveway taking the kids to school,all over the place in the backyard and have to repeat myself when i start talking like a tone deaf robot…bugger what they think…

Thank you for sharing it makes me feel a little more confident knowing others are dealing with the same thing.

You seem to be a little more trusting than I. I am used to prople being really judgemental and unnaccepting. So it is only natural i assume the worst.

I know just what you mean. I avoid my neighbours too. I would love to be more friendly and chat to them but have seen the look on their faces when I have tried to talk. I know the stress of having to say something makes it even worse and if they don’t understand me the first time there is no way I can repeat it.

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