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I am new to the forum. What a great resource. I was diagnosed with SCA 6 in 2016. My mother and grandfather suffered from the disease and it has been passed down to me. I was told by my neurologist that it typically skips a generation, but not for me apparently. My fear is that my kids are next in line. Does anyone have any insight as to the odds of each generation inheriting the disease?


According to this website, it’s 50:50. I’m sorry. Mine is not inherited - it was due to something when I was 12 (now 60). Welcome to the group.

Hi Welcome to the group :slightly_smiling_face:
This is the best information we have, and the chances are 50/50…

SCA6 is an autosomal dominant disease, which means that individuals of either sex are equally likely to inherit the gene and develop the disease, and that passes directly from one generation to the next without skipping generations. › 2017/07PDF

Thank you for the information. I look forward to being part of the group.

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My mother and her brother (he has now passed) were both diagnosed, my brother 3 years younger than me is showing signs and my cousin (recently deceased) also had symptoms - we, as a family, have been told that it won’t skip a generation - it seems my grandmother may have passed it on but she died early on in age so it couldn’t be confirmed, it does appear though that they have all had underlying illnesses that brought it on.

hello, I have been personally diagnosed with SC3 since 2008 and I am French. for my ataxia there is a 50% risk that I will pass the disease on to my children. I have 2 adult children who can be diagnosed but they are young (26 and 21) so chose not to know. but to limit transmission I informed them of the steps to follow if they wish to procreate, namely that they must be diagnosed, then undergo a preimplantation test and finally IVF. I know that the process is not easy, but for the moment there is only this type of process that can stop the transmission of the gene. excuse me if the translation is not great but I use a translator. have a good day . valerie


I have an inherited ATAXIA. I was able to get advice and counselling from a genetic councillor. It is a very big thing. you get 50% genes from your Mother and 50% from your Dad. hence the 50/50. One of the hardest conversations I ever had was with my three kids and the likelihood they had inherited Ataxia. They were offered testing. My youngest took up the test which was positive. The other two didn’t have the blood test. The big problem arises about kids having a family and passing it on. Ivf is the answer ,where the genes can be checked and the Ataxia genes not used. Very big choice. Expert advice from a geneticist is strongly recommended what do I know !Peter Ashbourne