Night-time symptoms: What do you experience at night, and what do you do for it?

I am curious to know if anyone else out there experiences symptoms at night or while sleeping? Often I have noticed that there are nights when I have symptoms that wake me up. Sometimes it is tremors in my arms or trunk, other times it is muscle spasms. Lately (maybe once a week), I have woken up feeling like I am getting the flu. I will get horrible body aches, and my skin hurts to touch it. Sometimes my throat will hurt really bad, and when I wake up with it I am thinking that I will be horribly sick in the morning. Then when morning comes, I wake up and the symptoms disappear. I have asked the doctor, but they can't explain it. They don't even know what to tell me to do for it. Do any of you experience this problem at night? Do you find anything that brings you relief?

Hi Miss Cake2,
At night I get back pain and I toss and turn so many times my sleep is affected. I have not resorted to pain killers and I use a hot pack before going to bed. I have lumbosacro radiculo neuropathy too and CA. I have dreams which scare me and I occasionally scream. When I wake up in the morning back pain is worse and once I begin my activity for the day it subsides.

Sleep like a log but do lots of talking and kicking in my sleep.Don't remember a thing in the morning.