Thumb spasm?

Does anybody else get this? I can feel the muscles in my thumb/hand contract and move my thumb. It's kind of like a cramp and a tic. It doesn't hurt, but the muscles move my thumb without me doing anything. It began in August just happening a few times but since then is happening a lot more frequently. Any remedies you use?

Yes, I also get the same thing. My nero told me it may be brain stem damage related. Getting a new MRI next week of brain and neck to check on potential nerve damage.

Mine is painful when it happens.

I get those in my legs, feet, thighs while I'l lying in bed before I get up in the mornings. I'm sitting at my computer right now after being out of the bed about 30 minutes and I can still feel them. Sometimes some of the ones in my calves feel like they may be on the verge of a full fledged cramp...but it goes away. It happens every day.I was just diagnosed with Cerebellar Ataxia and Primary Orthostatic Tremor in July. I don't have any remedies for ya. Have you mentioned it to the doc?

I had those in my hands and neck. I started taking magnesium nightly and they are pretty much gone. I finally started taking magnesium theolate or glycinate, as oxide and sometime citrate have a laxative effect. Theolate is supposed to cross the blood brain barrier and have neuro protective properties. Every little bit helps to protect my neuro!

I do have them I my neck also. Thanks for the advice

that happens to me too.

My lower legs and feet "jump" mostly in bed at night and some times in my recliner relaxing there. It seems worse when I am just a bit cool. Some times I have a crawling in the back of my hands. It all makes me think of restless leg syndrome. I grew up with my mother complaining of "bugs crawling under the skin" of her legs especially when she sat for an extended period, as in church service. This was before the term "restless leg sydrome" was in use. So far as I know, she did not have ataxia, but had some nerve disorder in her last years. I haven't tried any thing for my condition. except trying to stay warm. Also haven't seen doc about it yet. I have taken magnesium for years (even before ataxia) to calm me.

Hi runner. I get the same thing but in my little finger, it has a mind of it’s own.

I also suffer from Hyponic jerks (I think that’s right) all the time. It feels like when you are falling asleep and you jump because you feel like you are falling. That happens to me quite a lot and they can, at times, be painful. I’m waiting for another MRI and am seeing my Neurologist on Tuesday.
Regarding “restless leg syndrome” I used to get told off for constantly moving or tapping my foot and my Grandma called it “St Vitus dance”. Might be the same thing plus I also get the feeling of things crawling on me, mostly my hands and arms. I have SCA6 diagnosed 2012 hereditary from my Mother. Thanks Mum