Question for someone to answer Please!

Please, can someone help answer a question for me? I believe my Ataxia is progressing or I am getting carpal tunnel in both hands. My hands have become numb and fingers tingle a lot making it hard to hold things. Feeling like the fingers have an electrical shock going through a lot. It is getting hard to do things. I drop things easily.
Please, can someone give me an opinion on this? Is this just the Ataxia progressing? Please could someone give an answer on this?

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Hi Vicki. I’m no expert but it sounds like Ataxia progression. I have similar problem: hard to hold things, drop stuff a lot.prraying for you.

I’m no expert but neuropathy is common with ataxia. this may be what you’re experiencing but ask a neurologist.

A bit of help…I have found that using shower/tub anti-slip strips, when cut and place on either side of a glass or container helps me not drop things. J

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Hi Vickie, I have the same hand issues. Anything requiring dexterity is almost impossible. I tried to thread a needle yesterday! Waste of time. The numbness is terrible. In my case I blame the ataxia, but you should ask your neurologist. Best of luck to you.

It does sound like Neuropathy, and there are medications to try for relief, speak to your doctor or Neurologist.

Recently, my Neurologist asked me to try Acetazolomide, she thought it might help relieve BPPV (dizziness turning over in bed). It did but, I also experienced severe Neuropathy in my hands. Tingling is said to be a side effect but the sensation I had was horrendous and I stopped taking the medication.

But, it has to be said, not everyone reacts in the same way to any medication. :slightly_smiling_face:xB

Do you do repetitive things with your hands (typing, sewing, etc.)? This might be carpal tunnel. Either way with the tingling I would check with your doctor. He can diagnose whether it’s carpal tunnel or your ataxia. I think you can see your family doctor and if you need further care he can refer you. Cheaper to see him than a specialist.

I too am experiencing the symptom. For me I thought at first it was a side effect of a medication that I was taking following breast cancer a medication that I was to take for 5 years. Needless to say we stopped that medication and went to another. My neurologist finally had to admit that the side effect may have let this ataxia symptom in earlier than he thought it would happen to me as my feet are not as affected as my hands now. I am slowly losing my fine motor skills. Buttoning a shirt is nearly impossible, tying my shoes is no longer what I do. I can’t sew with needle and thread. I am still crocheting with specially designed ergonomic crochet hooks. I am continually dropping everything including breaking plates on the floor. Even buckling my seatbelt is a problem. But that is not to say that you are not affected by something else besides your progressive ataxia ( example carpal tunnel). It’s always a good idea to check with your doctor.
I wish I had better news for you but keep in mind all the things that you still can do, and try to be thankful for those.

I’ve been experiencing this, with progression of course, for about 10 years now. I had to quit playing guitar about 18 years ago, and I haven’t been able to hold a pen or write at all for a good 5 years now. I constantly fumble and drop things, and my fine motor skills have almost all suffered greatly. It’s just going to get worse and is highly annoying, but all I can do is keep chugging ahead and keep living a happy and accepting life.


Love your great attitude John! Yes it’s progressive but you can still be grateful for what you still can do. Thank you sharing.

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In reply to all those who were kind to answer my questions. Your kind answers are now making me feel that I will go back to my doctor with more questions. I will tell you why!
My right hand felt a lot of tingling before it went numb after a couple of weeks all fingers are numb.Then it just went to the 2nd hand the same way. So thankful for all who answered. Thanks again. I wonder what will be next? Believe me, I am a patient person so I plan on waiting in hopes that nothing else comes giving me problems… I am dropping things like crazy and my writing stinks. So from here I will get on with what is called Life!

You can try fine motor skills exercises. Doing them has helped improve my writing. JD

Like what? can you share?

A simple exercise to begin with is using modeling clay. Start with a not too big ball of clay. Roll it out into a ‘snake’ using both hands in a back and forth motion alternating to cross your brain mid…diagonally. Then pull off inch-sized bits. Next pick one bit up with our ‘pincher’ fingers…thumb, index and next finger…rolling it into as smooth a ball as you are able. My first tries my entire hand and forearm wanted to jerk into the motion I wanted to isolate to only the ‘pincher’ position. It initially took me several attempts over several days, to disengage my full and forearm from the ‘pincher’ position. Repeating the exercise frequently helped me gain better control. Then I graduated to taking a one-inch piece in both hands and did the same exercise. A second exercise with the same one-inch piece figuration is to, with both ‘pincher’ fingers of both hands, working together, press the piece into either a flattened circle or bowl shape. Let me know if you try it…there’s more….JD

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:blush:Just yesterday I had a look around Hobbycraft. I’ve previously enjoyed Ceramics, so I bought some air drying clay, molds and acrylic paint​:slightly_smiling_face: Looking forward to having a 'potter’:wink:xB

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My apology for not mentioning what I use. I buy the non-drying modeling clay…comes in bright colors. You want to use the clay over and over again, day by day to strengthen the hand’s coordination.JD

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I’m back to this post a year later. I am still crocheting , but it is more difficult now to hold my silverware to eat. I had forgotten about the clay exercises so I am going to get some clay and send a late thank you for the exercise lessons.:hugs:

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I was just reading this and thought it might interest you …

:slightly_smiling_face: Even though I was diagnosed as Idiopathic, the test for Celiac Disease wasn’t automatic, I had to request it. This is an important test, so many people who may not be aware that they have Gluten Ataxia, could find their symptoms far less challenging if they adhered strictly to a Gluten Free diet.
I read that some patients who were given IVIG in a study, experienced worsening of ataxia after they were taken off it :hushed: symptoms improved when it was reintroduced.
:slightly_smiling_face: xB

As I recall, Bear from the NAF Ataxia site posted that the standard Gluten test was the incorrect test. He posted the correct test for Gluten Ataxia but I don’t have that information anymore. If someone does have it, please post the information.