It’s been ages since I shared my tinkering here but finally I found something that helped me to go back to work at a desk job. And stays helping, so many things work for a day or a week and then stop for me! I stopped work in 2016 and went back 2022. My balance and small motor control is still hopeless but good enough I can commute on public transport 1hr 10min afew days a week as long as it is early enough. I take IV and oral peptides. Mostly BPC-157 and TA1, some KPV and I try others when I can. This works for me so it may help someone else. Best wishes to all.


:slightly_smiling_face: Hi Kyle_anne, It’s good to know you’re doing well. Your type (SCA30) is said to be slowly progressive…thank you for sharing what helps. It’s great that you have a supportive employer :slightly_smiling_face:

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