Please be careful of falls

My wife was diagnosed in 2000 with cerebellar ataxia and it was finally given a name in 2009, AOA2. She falls a few times a year, even when using her walker. A month ago, we were at a family wedding in Iowa and she fell. She usually falls backwards as she did in this case. It was on the hard tiles of the hotel bathroom. She was in agony. We cut the trip short, flew home and went to the emergency room. She had two compression fractures, T11 and L2. To compound her troubles, any narcotic pain med causes her major confusion and even hallucinations due to another neurological disease she has called Frontal Temporial Dementia. She had a surgical procedure done called Kyphoplasty in which the compressions are expanded by a ballon and surgical cement is inserted. It worked and her pain is 99% gone. Please be careful when walking, especially as you age and your bones become a little more brittle.


I am sorry that has happened to your wife. But with good diet, exercise and lots of smiling, she'll get better. ;)

I am so sorry to hear about your wife's fall, Dick. I hope she mends soon.

Thanks Dick and I am sorry to hear about your wife, I also use a walker and tend to fall backwards. It is a pain. Tell her to Keep well.

Sorry to hear about your wife Dick...hang in there, sending lots of love....get well soon!

Dear Dick, So sorry about your wife's fall! I've fallen several times over the years hurting myself...,definitely not my idea of a good time! I hope she feels better soon! ;o)

I have no balance so when I go toilet which was a big thing for me to do. Now when I stand up I can feel myself going and I’m like a tree some times have been able to get balance and funny pain in stomach but most times I fall I’m a bit purple now cus I feel Sunday and Wednesday but I’m also,stubborn.
If you need help ask for it saves you suffering more if you were to fall.
I know I was that

Thank you for sharing this. We sometimes forget and try to rush or don’t pay enough attention. That can lead to exactly this sort of thing. I am sorry to read about your wife’s condition at present. I am hoping for her quick recovery. Bless you for being strong for her and helping her. Those of us with ataxia cannot underplay the importance of having strong supporter.