Finally happened

After many years of bad falls, my wife Nancy(with AOAII) finally broke her hip and femur. This happened Wednesday. She couldn't have surgery locally so she was sent to Mass General hospital in Boston. She had the surgery on Thursday and all went well and she was sent to a skilled rehab/nursing home Saturday. She could barely walk prior to the hip fracture, using a walker. I don't know what will happen now. She is only 66 but if she doesn't make some progress in the coming weeks, she may never come home.


Dick, we are really sorry to hear about your wife's hip fracture. I hope that home care can be arranged after rehab. Please join our caregiver support community for additional support. There is a link to it on the communities list on the the main page. Those members should have advice for you about how to prepare and how to be the best advocate for your wife.

That is so sad my partner was diagnosed recently with progressive cerebella ataxia he is all over the place he grabs anything he can now so I’m just waiting for the fall


Dont be so hopeless. My dad, no ataxia, but elderly, fell in a hole in the ground covered by ice and broke his hip and femur. He was in his late 80's when this occurred. He, too, had surgery and went into rehab at NYU's Rusk Institute. He healed; when he came home, his bed was moved downstairs. But after 1 month, he was battling those stairs. Eventually he installed a device that works as an elevator which brings him up and down the stairs. He kept busy by suing the hole owners. (He won.)

He is 93 today. She (your wife) will surely come home. But she may be out of it for a while. It took my Dad 5 months to heal fully and walk w/o a cane. Talk to your neuro and to physios and find out how to keep her safe, yet mobile. And good luck!

Best wishes to you and your wife, Dick. As Madere has already said, you should get
good advice from the experienced caregiver support community. xB

Dear Dick48, I'm so sorry this has happened to your wife! Falling is a HUGE worry for us, as I've taken my share of tumbles, hairline fracturing my pelvis with one and cutting open the back of my head, requiring eight staples with another! I hope your wife heals and is able to come home again! ;o)

Dick- I know breaking something is only a matter of time and I fear that a lot. Please try to be positive. I know I sound pollyannish but please don't despair. It you guys still have a way to go! Best wishes to and your wife!

That is very sad.

Hi all

Broke my toe this week , felt realy bad but now realise (there for the Grace etc)it could have been alot worse (Broken bones are just a way of life for us)

Bob (England)

Hope all turns out well, glad she is in good hands and people who care

Dear Bob bird, Ouch!...,I'm sorry about your toe! Hope it heals quickly..., ;o)

sorry about her fall. if she doesn't keep walking she may lose that ability. i broke my ankle 2010 and i still can't walk. i'm getting pt at home. neuro rehab or pt may help.



It takes more time and more work to bounce back, and we may never get back to where we were before falls and breaks, but we just have to keep trying!! PT helps but I think it's our own tenacity and the support we get from our friends and loved ones that help us the most~ Keep the spirits up! It's amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it, and ask for help and support!



My thoughts and prayers are going out to you and your wife tonight for strength, courage, determination, and healing. For wisdom and encouragement from medical staff. And a remarkable recovery and homecoming. We are here with you.
All the best.

Hello Dick,
I am wishing your wife aspeedy recovery…she will recover. Four years ago when I was 65,I fell in my driveway, and after two hours finally managed to drag myself to the door whereI banged on it until my husband finally heard me.
I too had broken my hip and femur. I have a rod and hingelike apparatus in my hip.i didn’t think I would ever walk again!
I was in rehab for thirty days, then a PT came to the house three days a week.
I do walk with a bit of a limp…coupled with my awkward gait, I imagine I am quite a site.
If you were to ask my advice I’d tell you that your wife MUST do all the exercises. In the beginning it’s painful. The leg muscles have to be strengthened. I am the type of person who will never give in to any adversity…I did the exercises religiously.
I have recently started weight training. Rehab taught me to be cautious. I stand in front of my sofa so that if I lose my balance I will fall onto it.( I never fall forward).
So yes, Dick, your wife can recover from this fall…but she MUST give it her all, and then some.

God Bless…

Hello Dick

Because of a bad fall I broke my left hip in September 2010. They put in some 'steel work' which was taken out in two phases (dynamic screw in February 2011 which was causing lots of pain and the rest in March 2012). After the 1st surgery (as well as the 2nd and the 3rd) I could walk with a 4-legged crutch indoors, outdoors it's the wheelchair. Steps in the house I took sitting down on my bum. Not after a while though, I walked the stairs by holding on to the banister and still do. As we speak I still use my 4-legged friend indoors or whatever helpful furniture, walls, chairs are there to hang on to. I can't walk very far, exhausted very quickly, so the wheelchair is still there for outdoors. Both there to stay, I know that much. BUT..I am at home:) YES, walking still hurts because of the hip and I got a limp there for keeps. But I mostly have a sitting down life anyway and then I don't feel a thing..very grateful for that. So don't visualize the worst scenario..if your wife is a tough lady she'll make it home, I am sure. I did:) Best of luck for the both of you, Elle.

Great post Elle! I bet anything you are a real pip!

Some good news to report. My wife was moved to the rehab Saturday night. On Sunday, the PT's started getting her standing. As of yesterday, she hasn't taken any steps but they get her standing several times each day, shifting her weight, and lifting her feet ever so slightly. They are also getting her dressed and we have lunch together in their dining hall. I don't feel so despondent and I want to thank all of you for your support. Means alot coming from people who know.


Hi Dick :slight_smile:
That’s great news :slight_smile:
Be sure to pass on our best wishes :slight_smile: xB

Really glad to hear this update, Dick. We look forward to hearing further progress. :)

Sounds like you're wife is coming along wonderfully, Dick! Thanks for sharing this good news! My best to you and your wife..., ;o)