Post Something Positive Here Each Day

Please tell us at least one POSITIVE that happened to you this day. It can be any wonderful action or event, an inspiring thought that came across your mind, an exciting emotion, or a nice sight, smell or taste or feelings. ONLY POSITIVE, NO NEGATIVE.

Nothing is too trivial, feel free to add more positive as things happen.

Went for a walk by myself early in the morning with our wee pup Buster. It was a sunny day here in Scotland. Have a nice day everyone

Punk x

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I’m watching “Christmas Story” for like the 100 billionth time and still find it amusing.

It’s a beautiful day sun is shinning x

I woke up this morning and had my Quiet time and prayed (like I do every morning). Then I write out at least 3-5 Greatfuls. I find that my day's goes much better than when I ask for directions. :0)

Hey Loz and everyone else. Heres to the new year coming up and i would ask everyone to keep doing what you do and try and stay strong in mind and body. Another year is coming and lets hope its full of promis


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Beset friend phoned xx

I'm greatful for our resevoirs being at 87% capasity today. They haven't been this high since 1996.

I'm greatful that we had a break in our rain so I could go out and walk my dog up the hills.

I'm greatful for a good nights sleep.

I am listening to music while I think of how cute puppies are.

Hey Julie here,s our pup Buster


Sorry forgot pic

I went to dinner with my two best friends and their wives and my girlfriend last night. We've been friends for 15+ years and it was so good to get together and laugh.

Everyday is a fantastic journey…
Open your heart to the world!!

Hi all,

Some of you may already know that I likes my tech!

I have some experience in computer programming - nothing too fancy, just the basics (no pun intended). Thing is, sitting in a chair for hours on end and coding / scripting (even with rest breaks) is a big no no for me now. :( (Hang fire - I'm not complaining about a negative!)

Today I downloaded a key to unlock a trial version of a computer program I have been trying and made it to full version. The program is quite technical in the using but it does most of the work in programming (particularly games) for the user.

Today, I was 'over the moon' because I put together my own computer program for the first time in a long time. The program bounces a 'clown' character around the screen but little else. It is a start at least and it may mean I can restart the hobby I love so much. :) I will not be making any 'killer' apps but I will be having fun!

Awesome job, thanks for sharing this! I love your will not to give up, it’s paying off!!!

I was just watching a program about the brain function, they were just talking about findings and one was circuits in our cerebellum are much more plastic and bendable than previously thought. That we can access things we used to do or our long term memory and improve upon them, you are proving that to be true!!!
Good for you, I’m jazzed for you! ;0)

Despite the cold bulbs are coming up.Spring is coming and we will soon be in the warm sun outside.

Swimmin is a great way to move forward (e.g. today)!'s blog writing says it all:

I'm Greatful that the sun comes up every morning and I get to watch it come up because I'm here! :0)

Introduced to What a great site. Looking forward to spending more time there.

My 14 year old son said Thank you Mom, Before I had to tell him to. lol