I just had an emergency appendectomy. So I had to rest and take it easy for 4 days. My balance is so off now. I am thinking of asking my doctor to put me in physical therapy to regain the skills I seem to have lost. Has anyone else had to deal with this? Will physical therapy work?

Renee - Don’t worry! It’ll get better. You sound determined. Just don’t push too hard. Baby steps.

I had the same balance problem after a colonoscopy. Turned out that my electrolytes got messed up because of the preparation. Doc told me to drink a bottle of Gatorade. Worked.

Had physiotherapy after each of my knee replacements. My ataxia wasn’t as bad then but some things—like the balance board—really did help, even though I had assumed I wouldn’t be able to do it. I was going to purchase one to do at home…but you know where THAT road leads. :crazy_face::crazy_face:

:joy: ‘was gonna’ should be my middle name. I had surgery and chemo, but didn’t have any physio afterwards, so I don’t know if it would have helped. But after a recent fall where I was left with chronic back, I’ve been advised to try exercises rather than rely on painkillers.

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Dear Renee, I recently had a total knee replacement and because my balance was compromised before surgery, it’s even worse now, as I spent three days in the hospital! I did physical therapy BEFORE and after my surgery and it really helped me! I’m also doing recommended exercises on my own in my home, as I’m trying to strengthen my muscles. Sit to stand is a good exercise to do, just make sure you do it where you can grab onto something if you start to fall! The inside of my knee is still healing and I’m using a rollator in my home now. Before surgery I was able to walk, extremely carefully, in my home without any aides! I plan to do neurophysical therapy after the new year! Yes, physical therapy has really helped me over the years! Hopefully, with time and exercise, I’ll get back to the way I was before surgery! My best to you…, ;o)

I found physiotherapy not very helpful as I only got it twice a month and only half an hour at a time, so I’ve been going to the local gym for the past 4years 3 times a week with a doctor’s referral. It’s helped me much better than physiotherapy and the benefits are you’re meeting people with similar conditions it’s more relaxed .I have a instructor who is trained with ataxia, ms and other disabilitys. I do balance classes at the gym and light gym work .I’m so much better for it.

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I am ataxic, but any major surgery knocks the hell out of a healthy person. My hubby NO ATAXIA had a pretty nasty open surgery as iffy almost burst, last minute, appendix. Normally keyhole surgery, but they wanted to make sure no remnants left, sore for weeks and a district nurse was coming for 2 months.had one inflammation of his wound tgake it easy. any physical workout once, healed, THE BEST, don’t do now, tear sutures.