Problems with my feet

I have had major problems with my feet and finding shoes that I can wear since I had my baby 16 months ago. It was after she was born that I started having all my ataxia symptoms also. So I don't know if it's a ataxia symptom or because I had a baby. She's my 3rd and I know that your feet can get bigger but even wearing a larger size doesn't help. I can wear certain tennis shoes and sandles but dress shoes and boots are very hard to walk and stand in. I have bone pain on the top of my feet that seem to come and go with my other ataxia symptoms, but my feet just hurt in general when I don't wear just the right shoes. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Oh and I have gluten ataxia. Cindy Borror :)

Hi borrorfarm,

maybe i have got the same problem. Since my bad fall in 2011 i am wearing only shoes like this:

Before my first child my shoes were Number 39, after the third child Number 41. This is also the actual number. For not to slide in the shoes and for good temperature, i am wearing at least two thick socks on my feet. This is not attractive, i know, but safer than the other solutions. I think i will sell my other shoes next time, because i was not able to wear them since two years.

For at home i use crogs like these