Foot issues

My feet have been hurting really bad in arch of feet. Feels like muscles stretched in that area. Hurts to put them on floor in morning n takes a while to get going. Anyone else have this?

I have had problems with my feet for years and years. Painful very painful. They ache like a tooth ache. I have prescription orthodics, they do help some. I have three hammertoes on one foot and one on the other. The Dr wants to do surgery, but I live alone and I would have to wear a boot for a while and I am afraid I might fall. I wear a size 10 shoe, but I have to buy 12 wide or the shoes rub my toes and I can't wear them. Just another part of the Ataxia Life, I guess.

It seems exactly what I had about 6 years ago. It was plantar fasciitis. It where the tendons in your feet stretch and tear normally throughout the day and then at night while you sleep your feet relax and the the tendons shorten and heal and when you wake up you go to step down and ow!!
The cure is quite simple in fact all you need to do is sleep with your feet flat. How you do this is entirely up to you. You can either buy a boot for this exact purpose or use a long tube sock with a strap under your toes going up to your calf.
Hope this helps


Ive got this problem and have been told mine is my arches droping . I need to ware insoles (just got new ones from schol shop) seems to be something about the way we stand and walk. try a cheeper pair of insoles (for arch support) from maybee the chemist first and see if they help , you hve to wear them most of the time.

Im not a doctor nor am I attempting to diagnose you just passing on advice that has helped my foot pain and my posture in general

do good orthotics help? or see a doc (podiatrist or neurologist). when my legs hurt i use lidocaine cream.


Go with the mob, I wear insoles and keep my toes straight with a boot at night