I've read on this site that one symptom of ataxia is difficulty on grassy surfaces. I share that one but I also have difficulty with ice. I see people walking down our street when its very icy and I'm stuck at home because I cannot deal with it at all. Does anyone share this symptom? By the way I don't really look like my picture. Wish I did.

There are "ice cleats" for your foot ware and maybe try ski poles to help with balance I sometimes use a hiking pole

YakTrax are easy to use and work great if you really want to walk on ice. They're stretchy to fit any size shoe or boot.

Julie is right! They are great for ice and snow! One caution: they are like ice skates if you enter a building with a tile or other smooth floor (ok on carpet)

Thanks. I've bought some and they look very good. It is now the middle of summer so there's no ice but next winter ... well we'll see.