Question for those with unknown causes for Ataxia


I am wondering if anyone here who has non- hereditary ataxia has ever had surgery that included the use of surgical mesh?

Surgical mesh is generally used in surgery for pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence and hernia repair. Sometimes it will be used in other abdominal surgeries.

I had complications from mesh used in a hernia repair. In researching mesh removal through various forums I discovered that many people with mesh complications also have a variety of other health problems that developed or worsened after the mesh was implanted. Many have autoimmune issues and some have ataxia type symptoms. I have ataxia and rheumatoid arthritis as well as chronic disabling pain and a variety of other health issues. Like many other people with mesh complications I was healthy with no major issues prior to the mesh implantation, with my health deteriorating over time.
Obviously I am by no means certain that the mesh caused my ataxia, which is currently attributed to probable encephilitas, but I am curious to see if other people might have this plastic in their bodies as well, and what effect, if any, it has had on their ataxia.
So I am wondering if anyone here has had any type of mesh implant. If you don’t have extreme pain from the mesh you may not even know or remember if it was used in a surgery, but if you could try to recall I would appreciate it. Thanks

No I do not have the plastic mesh.

I was thinking of having mesh but I might give it some more thought.

No mesh here, but have undiagnosed Ataxia. Didn't start until age 69 or so.

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Yes I had same as you and had ataxia afterwards. I do not think that it is related. Please let me know if you find any research done in this field,

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I had TVT surgery for urinary incontinence, but the mesh that was used was only the size of a band aid. I already had ataxia, as that's what added to my incontinence. I've had no other complications due to this mesh surgery. ;o)

I saw an ad on tv something about adverse effects from mesh surgery. Something about lawsuits. I don’t remember what happened to people that had that surgery, effects.

I did have surgery about 10 years ago and had a surgical mesh implanted due to urinary incontinence from having a hysterectomy. My mom and I were diagnosed with unknown ataxia 3 years ago. Even though my ataxia is unknown and it's hereditary, I don't think my surgery has made my ataxia any worse. Way before I had this surgery or my hysterectomy, I was showing signs of having Ataxia. Me and my mom see our neurologist every 8 months and he has never mentioned to me that this surgery could be another factor of why I have ataxia. I'm not sure if my mesh is plastic but I don't have any extreme pain from it. I've been having some incontinence issues for the past year or so and my gyne told me that I might have to replace my mesh.