all types of ataxia are hereditary?

I’m not sure but my neurologist was asking me very heavy if anyone in my family had it. But it can’t be because no-one in my family has it


Aliona Stoian said:I have it from my mother,but i dont understant from whom she had it

Nakina Goff said:

I'm not sure but my neurologist was asking me very heavy if anyone in my family had it. But it can't be because no-one in my family has it

No as my 10yr daughter has itpr1 cerebellar ataxia and it’s a mutation of the gene
It wouldnt have been picked up when i was pregnant it 's just one of those things
And it’s very rare! Her n maybe 50kids in the world have it
And they know nothing about it


No - I've been diagnosed with it, but there is no history of anyone in my family having it.

No. Although mine is. It made acceptance easier and I knew what to expect.

I understsnd that ataxia can be heriditary, caused by a stroke or injury, gluten intolerance, or of unknown cause, as mine. Also, it can occur due to Lyme disease or a vitamin deficiency. The only way to tell if it is heriditary, other than to see other family members who are suffering or have suffered symptoms, is genetic testing which I understand is expensive

No, some seem to be spontanious, others can be due to trauma such as a head injury. The trickier ones are like mine Friedreich's Ataxia that are ressesive and may go thru a generation or to to show up.

Dear Aliona, I have Sporadic Cerebellar Ataxia (idiopathic, unknown cause, symptoms 24/7)) and no one in my family, as far back as we know, has/had this, except me! Anyway, a few years ago I had genetic testing for the known recessive types of ataxia, which was negative. I've yet to have genetic testing for the known dominant types of ataxia, as my neurologist says the % of anything showing up positive is extremely low, so my juries still out on that. So, I'd say "no". ;o)

No, some types of ataxia are acquired through injury like a stroke or traumatic brain injury. Ataxia is a symptom and also the name of a disease. Some people don't have anyone else in their family with ataxia, but if it's not acquired then the parents were each carriers. Fredrick's ataxia is carried by non-symptomatic parents as are all recessive ataxia's. Most progressive types of ataxia are inherited.

I print this out and take it to all appointments.

No it is not always hereditary! My son had the exome sequence genetic testing and my husband and I do not have the gene his happen from a mutation in the gene!

Aliona - you might want to check out this website and click on Ataxia Classifications.

This might give you an idea of what we're dealing with. Unfortunately, they are all progressive and incurable.