Re-gaining skills

So my symptoms are getting worse. By the end of last summer i started to need a cane to get around. I did not want to adventure to stores. I was afraid I was going to fall. I could barley make it to my car without help. Being a teacher I took the summer off. I’ve been riding my stationary bike for 45 minutes a day. I’ve started to use a walking stick instead of a cane, which is more beneficial than a cane. I just got back from a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood by myself. I am so happy!!

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Good for you!! Never give up. :+1:

:slightly_smiling_face: Sometimes symptoms seem to plateau, for better or worse, and then change again for no apparent reason. It could be that your body needed a complete rest. Being able to do regular exercise is a plus, and judging by your progress, it’s obviously beneficial :slightly_smiling_face:
:thinking: What do you mean, you’re using a walking stick rather than a cane.

A walking stick like a wizard or mountain man might use. The stick is about shoulder height. It helps be walk upright with with regular strides. The cane makes me take un-natural shorter steps and pulls me forward and causes me to be off balance. Watch this video

Very good. Well done. BTW, where does one get a walking stick?

:thinking: This would be more like a Walking Staff, I’ve seen someone on Facebook use one.

Here’s a good rule on sizing: Standing with your arms at your side, the stick should be about 6 or 8 inches taller than your elbow. Pick a longer stick if you’ll be tackling steep terrain. If you’re really just planning on walking with your stick, a shorter one will do.

Generally, I use a walking stick that is similar to a cane, but with a rubber ferrule on the foot. I would agree that although this does help balance to some extent, it can make a person walk in a jerky fashion and be somewhat unstable.
In the past I’ve tried using 2 walking poles, which would be similar to 2 fore arm crutches. I found these made me more stable

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stcks sticks versus canes :smile:Keep up the exercise .regular exercise is important thanks for the tip about walking sticks v canes etc I watched the video and it was useful,keep up the positive stuff and get out as much as you can.Diet and little or no alcohol is also helpful to keeping mobile

Renee, I did enjoy your post as I thought back about 8 years to the absolute joy my single stick provided. Then there were 2 walking poles that became 3 wheels then 4. Your distance and pace degrades but your efforts remain strong and unchanged.

I just wanted to chip in that skills absolutely can be regained as we find alternate ways to do things.

I have lost and then regained many skills over the years. I work harder when I’m doing better and ease up on days when the ataxia symptoms are worse.

I have been taking a 2 mile daily walk for the past week, but am using my walker at home today. My goal is to get back to walk/jog intervals. I found that I can do that if my dog walk/jogs on a lease in front of me. His regular rhythm helps me to keep a more normal gait.