Walking with a cane

im 59 y/o and never wanted to get to walking with a cane. my walking has gotten worse by wider gait and seem to be rocking back and forth [ balance]. ill only use the cane when i take my long walks wow!!!!. what a difference using a cane. it straightens out my wide gait ,im more stable & i m not rocking back and forth. just wanted to let you others that didnt know that that it will help very much

I have one - I use it when travelling (more as a warning to others) and when it is icy out - I live in Ottawa, so that is frequent, at least during the winter months! I find it makes a big difference in my stability - I still have to work on not caring what people think when they see me using it!

I was supermarket shopping yesterday. As soon as I had the trolley to hold onto, my posture and gait transformed dramatically, I actually outpaced my husband! I use a walking stick, but really should make more use of my rollator :-)xB

I agree, Beryl, as I LOVE stores with carts! I resisted using a cane until I took a bad fall six about six years ago, severely injuring my back! From then, on I started using a cane when I leave my home, as falling is NOT my idea of a good time...,ha! Although I have a rollator in my SUV (vehicle) for pleasure walking outside (weather permitting), I'd like to get a lighter weight, but sturdy, rollator to use indoors, as the one I have now is heavier! I think that will be my next purchase..., ;o)