Re: Mobility Scooter

Thanks for all the response on purchasing a mobility scooter. I evaluated all the response and purchased the following scooter.

Let me tell you what led up to my scooter. I went to Busch Gardens at a Herman’s Hermits concert. The theater was further than I thought it was from the main gate. I don’t mind the walking. However, every step, I kicked the wheels. It’s not the long stride that I thought it was at first. I was taking short normal strides. With ataxia your steps are different at every pace. It took me 40 minutes to get to the theater. I got there 15 Minutes earlier. After the concert was over, it took me 40 minutes to get back to the truck. I thought I would never get back to the truck. I don’t get tired walking but it was tiresome kicking the wheels at every pace for 40 minutes up and 40 minutes back. This is when I decided to invest in a mobility scooter. I went back to Busch Gardens and it was a blessing.

I bought the Merits Pioneer 4 Scooter.

Adjustable tiller to fit various arm lengths and to recline down for easy storage

Dashboard control panel for ease of use

Flip-up armrests with height, width & angle adjustment

Chrome bumper

Deluxe captain seat that swivels’ which makes it easier to embark and disembark.

Comfortable padded foam arm rests with plastic cover attaching the reflectors

Silver wheel caps

Head lights, tail lights, signal lights, hazard lights and horn

10” flat-free tires

Maximum speed up to : 8 kph / 5 mph

Range up to: 28km / 18 mi.

Turning radius : 124 cm / 49"

Ground clearance : 10 cm / 4"

Motor : DC24V, 250 W

Controller : Dynamic Rhino 110A

2 35amp batteries

Gradient : 12° (300lb) / 8° (450lb)

I go out every day on my road scooter.I love it and in the summer I go miles.Put a yellow jacket or something on the back to make drivers slow down when they see something alien in the road wobbling about.

That looks like the BMW in scooters. lol Not bulky at all. Nice wheels!

Very nice, James…good pick.

Quick question: what adaptations, if any, did you need to make to your truck?

Very nice, I like it! Sounds like you were really ready for it.

Very good choice James! Looks sturdy, yet not to cumbersome like some four wheelers I've seen. Looks light in weight as well, that will help keep your charge longer. My life changed for the better when I got my scooter. I'm sure you will love your new freedom!


I installed the Harmar AL 100 Universal Scooter Lift. It’s the most popular lift with unique hold-down arm that automatically secures virtually any scooter without any necessary scooter modifications. I got the Swing Away Option available that allows the lift to pivot away from the truck to gain clear access to the trunk.

Nice truck! Oh and lift. lol