Recommend your Favorite Doctors in the MidWest

Which doctors have helped you understand and manage your condition? Please recommend them here.

i am going through thia process now, its taking a while. 6 months unemployment then 2 months of disabilty. luckily i signed up for physical therapy and occupational therapy

I cannot recommend a Doctor, I feel that I have learned more here than anywhere else. I get a lot of inspiration from people here. My neurologist just makes me feel like a number most of the time.

I know this is old post but I have to recommend Dr Christopher Gomez at the Univeristy of Chicago. Premiere ataxia neurologist ( one of the best in the world!). I live in Wisconsin and I see him every 6 months- totally worth it.

hapie - I too found Dr. Gomez when searching about my son’s condition. We do not have a formal diagnosis (still waiting on genetic testing approval) but my son’s latest MRI showed atrophy in his cerebellar vermis. He is 3.5 and still not walking unassisted. His expressive speech is still way behind. He keeps making progess…just ever so slightly. Thinking about making the trip (we too live in WI!) down to see Dr. Gomez.