Recommendation for vitamins for poor eyesigh

Hi, I've been diagnosed with SCA7 and it seems it comes with everything (balance, partial vision, choking, biting your tongue, slurred speach, bladder). My question is there anything I can take (vitamin tablet) to help me with my eyes, to slow down or delay the consequences. Thank you.

Sadly not but just wanted to say hello and welcome.

I hope you find someone on here who can relate to your type of ataxia.

Best wishes, Patsy

Hi -In general, “orange” foods like carrots, sweet pots, etc. are supposed to be good for vision, if this helps.

Hop alive,
Welcome! It sure sounds like you are dealing with a lot right now. I think you’ll find this group supportive and helpful!

While you may get some great suggestions for “vitamin pill”, I want to suggest eating nutrient dense foods. No processed foods. Lots of real fresh produce, nuts, & cooked beans. I think you’ll find this will give you real results for whole body health. Our body systems work together synergistically. I’ve come to think of food as medicine.
Take care and welcome to the group!

Buy some belberries or supplements containing it because it is good and it help in stopping the macular degeneration.gud luck

I agree with Julie, eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fresh vegetables, nuts, fruit (though not too much as you can overdo the sugar), no processed foods they are bad for the body and make you feel sluggish. Keep as fit as you can with plenty of exercise. I really have to fight the urge to sit in my favourite chair and fall asleep.

When I got the results from my last brain scan, the neurologist informed me that the scan suggested that I shouldn't be walking as well as I am doing and to keep on with my lifestyle of healthy diet and regular exercise.

Cut out caffeine it irritates the bladder.

Have you been checked for BPPV (vertigo) ? as there are exercises that can help with dizziness. My neurologist referred me to an Audio - Vestibular neurologist that did some simple tests.

Take Care and don't let it get the better of you.

Hello and Welcome.

My vision also was very blurry at night and it made it hard for me to drive at night. I've been taking Lutein vitamins and it seems to help my vision. It's not so blurry and I can see the signs more clearly now.

Ah this is the reason i opened this topic someone told they've taken Lutein and it seems stabilize their vision

my vision is bad, i have stopped driving 2 years ago and the worse thing is giving up riding my bike, i suppose i am used to the public transport.

Thank you to everyone who did respond my question, and thanks to this forum community, i have already learned a lot since i joined.

Sorry my English is no my first language.

Fascinating.. is it just blurred vision that Lutein improves? I get flickering too.. especially when doing crosswords