Food To Consider In Your Diet

This link has very important information on it regarding foods that might spur on ataxic-behaviors and foods that work better with ataxia.

Some members might have already seen this, but thanks to Dancermom, it opened my eyes to a few things that I could improve upon in my diet.

Interesting article thank you. Basically avoid all processed food seems to be the theme. Pity they are all the nice foods - most have gluten in them so I can't eat them anyway. I did see that we can eat white chocolate to our heart's content though, so I'll be happy :-)


LOL .. white chocolate too sickly for me. Very interesting thank you.

Good reminders for me why I let go of things like help keep the dizziness away for ataxian's!

I follow everything else but I noticed we weren't suppose to have banana's. I was having one a day to help with my walking (potassium) but this said not to. So banana's are gone now too for me. I have sweet potato that are high in potassium so I'll have more of that instead.

Shoot if I can just let go of a food, to me that's worth doing and it doable, it's easier just to let go off it!

Thanks for the reminders posting this here! :0)

I, too, am grateful for this reminder! But don’t you just think we ought to be allowed simple pleasures (I call them “rewards”), such as pizza, hotdogs and champagne? I do and I do!

For the days I remember (or husb reminds me) to eat therapeutically, it’s all organic for me, esp. fresh fruit, nuts, green tea, and water, water, water! Not as spirit-satisfying, but there are those horrible pain issues, aren’t there?

Well, looking over the food, it is almost everything I do eat.....and it said it MAY help some ataxia patients, if it was PROVEN to work, then I would do it. But thanks for the info!!!

interesting to read and get ideas. Remember that people are different, what works for one, might not work for everyone. It's good to have somewhere to start.

Well according to their list - I am eating most of the wrong foods.

Not sure about eliminating chocolate though... :-(

I agree -- that is a tough one, Cynders.

THANK YOU for posting this article.

I had already cut out some of these foods esp SOY but it looks like I may have to cut some more.

I just wanted to report to you guy's that I gave up Banana's (which I love and it hasn't been long only a few day's now since Friday and it's Tuesday now) and it's made a difference already for my dizziness. I didn't think this could start to help right away. I'm thinking over time it should get even better (I hope) we will see. :0)

I was willing to do anything to get any help. Letting go of them hasn't taken all of it away but I'd say it cut it in 1/2. I find it so worth doing no matter how challenging it is. And trust me it's challenging but I love that something I can do to take even a little charge of my ataxia. Compared to other things like exercising/moving it's so easier for me just to realize it's not my food and if I choose to eat them what my life would be like vs what it can be like!

This reminder of foods really made a difference for me. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS!!!!!! I really appreciate the tips!!!!!!!!!!! :0)

I'm glad you are seeing a difference, Jeannie. I think for most of you, the best idea is to make one change at a time and see if you observe a benefit. If you do, stick with it; if you don't, then don't worry about it. What works, works.

Blimey, its difficult isn't it. I am giving Cassie gluten free cereal, pasta [Heinz is best] coz with me it gives me terrible sore heads and upset tum. Its hard telling someone not to eat certain things. A lot of gluten free is awful and costs more, but wee also buy gluten free sauces and treats, and cut down on saturated fats. Like me Cassie loves food. Curry makes the world a whole better place

I know that JC, I have been reading more labels than books lately.

I try not to buy any pre-made GF foods because they're usually packed with preservatives, fat and sugar, not to mention the ones that are contaminated with gluten :-). Perhaps we should start a favourite, easy GF foods recipe thread?

Hey Poppy - Just FYI, it’s not GF-specific, but there is a food group which mentions some GF recipes: