Round round I get around

Hi. It’s Eric. I was just told about Recumbent Trikes. They can assist people with mobility issues in getting around. They are not street legal. Hiking trails or a big driveway. Park maybe. They sell attachments to wheelchairs. Just search the Net.

I love my GreenSpeed GT5 - it's been getting me round (in style) for ... hum... the last 6-7 years. I also believe that it is a BIG reason that my Ataxia symptoms have NOT become worse (actually some have even become BETTER). Kyle from Ride Ataxia calls it "Empowerment" - all I know is that my 'attitude' is GREATLY improved and that helps me 'deal' with ... LIFE with Ataxia.


I have a recumbent trike and for the past five years have gone on daily 10 mile rides if the weather is nice. I believe this is helped my symptoms also.

Got a Sun HD delta trike and a Sun hand trike. Diffently helps my Ataxia SCA6.

I have tried Recumbents from London recumbents

they are really amazing

I will find a photo of the demo I took in London

I have a "upright" adult trike from mission Trikes

3 Trustees trying out recumbent trikes from London Recumbents while on a trip to London

424-Londonrecumbents3ontrikes.JPG (2 MB)

Nice photo, nice people!

Good idea for alternative sports.

Except: Not for the center of a town - too unhealthy for the lungs because of the traffic; and dangerous when the cars oversee you. Or are there any other experiences?