Adult Tricycles - ( Ataxia Mobility )

I use an upright tricycle, from

The tricycle is in the UK and much cheaper than a recumbent

cc @AnnaUK

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:thinking: Does yours have two wheels at the front, or back? I’ve read
somewhere that two wheels at the front give better stability (getting on/off).

Two wheels at the back.
Takes a bit to get used to make sure you slow down on corners.

Think your correct about stability, although two wheels at the front will take alot of mastering to steer.
(like a fork lift… As I have driven lots of rear steer industrial/farm machinery, I know the hard / stange learning curve)


My tricycle can be seen in this BBC video for Ataxia Awareness Day (2006) (as shown on TV )

Thanks! Yeah the price is not bad at all! I think upright posture is more natural. Yeah I can imagine turning corner might be quite a strange thing since I’m used to bicycle!

:thinking:What does ‘loamie’ mean? :slightly_smiling_face:xB

My first Ataxia symptom,17years ago, was having problems riding a bicycle. Mainly lack of coordination in steering. I’ve tried riding a tricycle last week and although it’s great you can’t fall, my steering was very “loose” and it was difficult to ride in a straight line. It’s difficult to correct with small, precise movements. Do you recognise this and does that get better with practising?

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I have had a recumbent trike for about 5 years-bought it used-and just love it. One wheel in the front and 2 in the back, basket in the back, water bottle holder on the front. Mine is a Sun Recumbent bike. Feels like freedom to me.