I want to try acupuncture. I’ve heard it’s amazing. Anyone ever have it done? What’s your opinion on it?

I’ve heard great things about this, too; however, I’m not too keen on needles. So I started looking into tapping - which is said to be like acupuncture without needles. It definitely calms me down, but maybe that’s just because I’m so focused in on how to do it.

Hi Lee,

I've had accupuncture, and also tried chinese medicine. The needles used are very fine, I'm very squeamish normally but I managed to do it. I was given herbs to boil, strain, then drink the liquid. Both were for stress and tension but didn't help me at the time. The herbs smelt FOUL!

A friend qualified as a Relexologist in order to help her husband who has MS. I may try that next.

I tried it for a while because people suggested it to me that it would work. I guess it must for some people, unfortunately not me.

I've tried so many things out there to see if they would work and just crossed them off my list. I think everyone has to try things. What I found that helps the most is the foods that I eat really. I was diagnosed in 2006 with Sporadic SCA (just meaning they don't' know how I got it it's been ruled out Hereditary). So I figured my guess is almost as good as their shot in the dark. Sure I take in account what their suggestions are and blend them with mine (because I feel I'm a better judge of how it feels to have ataxia, they tend to go with what was written about ataxia) and see if it helps any. If not on to the next. But my nutrition always says pretty much the same. No flours of any kind, no refined sugar Organic or not. No substitutions (chemicals), nothing in a box or bag or can!

I feel it equips my body to handle this ataxia better than it could. My last MRI last March showed still no more degeneration. So I won't chance going back to any. My tast has changed for foods especially when it works for me.

Acupuncture help me sleep while they were in, I just wish it would have kept working when they came out! :0).

Let us know how it works for you if you do this.